Is Pregnenolone The Same As Progesterone

Controlling and coordinating signals and messages throughout the body is the primary function of hormones. From regulating the metabolic process to ensuring ideal cognitive development, they perform multiple functions in different parts of the body.

Pregnenolone is the foundation of many vital hormones in the body. Known as the “mother hormone,” its connection to different hormones heightens its significance, among others. On the other hand, progesterone is a steroidal hormone produced in the corpus luteum in the ovary.

Although both are used as key substances in supplements, it is important to note that they have a significant difference. In terms of function, uses, and benefits, each of them has roles to fill in. It is of great relevance that you must know these things for you to determine which supplements to take for specific conditions. That way, you can be safe and sure when dealing with them.

Why Pregnenolone is Different from Progesterone

First and foremost, pregnenolone is the main precursor of many steroidal hormones, including progesterone. With that, pregnenolone has a wider scope in terms of its uses and benefits because it is the originating hormone. As for progesterone, it is mainly used sufficiently in women as they play vital roles in menstruation and other functions of the female reproductive system. Their differences should be identified because they are both crucial in their specific areas.


Pregnenolone is biochemically used by the body as the precursor for many types of hormone, thus being called the “pro-hormone.” For this reason, they are the starting point for the production of many other hormones found inside the body. It undergoes conversion throughout different glands to become hormones responsible for specific functions.

In the case of progesterone, they are the byproduct of the synthesis of progesterone. More specifically, they help regulate pregnancy and ensure that the body is ready for it during the stages of ovulation. Upon successful fertilization and throughout the process of pregnancy, progesterone is constantly at work to ensure that the body adjusts and functions well.


Pregnenolone is mainly used in the treatment of a myriad of medical conditions ranging from memory loss to sleep complications. Another thing that it is used for in the medical field is the regulation of mental problems, such as anxiety, depression, and anger management issues. It is taken in the form of supplements with enough dosage to encourage the production of necessary hormones to combat the effects of any currently present complication.

As stated, progesterone is highly associated with women. This is because it is also used in the treatment of female reproductive health concerns. In instances where progesterone levels are at a low concentration in the body, irregular menstruation can occur. Also, relatively low levels of the hormone during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage. Therefore, supplements that contain progesterone or progesterone-inducing medicine are prescribed to patients exhibiting symptoms.


Because progesterone is involved in the creation of many hormones, sufficient levels of it in the body promote a number of different good effects. One of which is improving mental stability because it regulates the production of stress hormones and prevents a surplus of it. Also, it is known as the best counter for fatigue as it promotes high levels of stress-reducing hormones. Studies have also linked progesterone sufficiency to improved immunity and enhanced memory.

Serving as one of the key substances in many female supplements, ample progesterone levels has a number of benefits for the body. Taken by mouth, supplements containing progesterone promote a healthy menstrual period. They also boost fertility in women and heighten their sex drive. In addition, studies have found that they are great combatants for hormonal imbalance leading to uterine bleeding.


To wrap it all up, both hormones serve different purposes in the body. For certain conditions, you must know which ones to look for in the ingredients list of supplements to better relieve you of your symptoms. They may be over-the-counter drugs, but they must also be taken in moderation and as prescribed since too much is always never good. That being said, should certain complications arise, it is always best to consult with professionals for a better understanding of your symptoms.

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