Infographic: The Most Iconic Vampires of All-Time

Vampires are some of the most famous villains and heroes. They are mysterious, misunderstood, and usually undeniably attractive. They inspire a large loyal following of patrons who wish to tap into some of their powers and mystique. From the iconic children’s character Count Von Count to the extremely epic Blade, everyone has their favorite iconic vampire. This infographic titled: Most Iconic Vampires of All Time goes through some of the most famous and noteworthy vampires to ever be created.

Most Famous Vampires

We sympathize with their constant struggle of being misunderstood. At Walk-In Lab, while we don’t suck your blood, we do have a relationship with those that draw it, and people are often fearful of this quick and beneficial process.  So hopefully after you make your first purchase and grow to love our low prices and wide selection of blood tests, we will make it to the top of your list!

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