What Are The Symptoms Of Low Pregnenolone?

Health proponents are of two minds about the issue of taking dietary and health supplements. On the one hand, these supplements can boost a person’s health and lessen the likelihood of acquiring illnesses. On the other hand, there are health risks when taking them regularly due to their biological effects on one’s body.

The hype surrounding supplements for optimal health is not without its reasons. No doubt, these vitamin supplements have proven effective in correcting nutritional deficiencies in the diet. But what you have to remember is you would still need to have a healthy diet despite the intake of these supplements. Nevertheless, with health and fitness being prioritized these days, you should remember to only turn to health and dietary supplements with the recommendation of a health professional.

Hormone supplements are gaining a reputation for helping people cope with the aging process seamlessly. One of the most popular hormone supplements there is, pregnenolone is now the subject of many clinical trials. This is primarily because the demand for this hormone has shown a steady increase in recent years.

Addressing Your Hormone Levels

As people age, health problems of varying intensity start to manifest. These health concerns are prevalent in different body systems, yet one common issue is hormonal imbalance.

The imbalance of hormones produced by the body’s organs may be a severe issue that needs a closer look. There could be a decline in the hormone production rate, or the opposite, a rise. There could also be some changes in how fast the body metabolizes the hormones. Knowing this, it is high time that you are aware of what the rise and drop of your hormones can do for your body, specifically pregnenolone.

Warning signs of low pregnenolone

In the case of pregnenolone, there are several points to consider. Unfortunately, its role in the production and synthesis of other steroid hormones is often overlooked. In truth, pregnenolone is vital because it is a core element that acts as a precursor to the production of more specialized hormones.

If pregnenolone production declines, the hormonal imbalance that results from this can impede your day-to-day functioning. Typical symptoms of low pregnenolone levels include decreased brain retention and memory accompanied by insufficient attention and concentration. Aside from these neurological symptoms, there are also more systems being affected by this hormone.

Dry skin is a common manifestation of insufficient pregnenolone levels in the body. Depending on the degree of the imbalance, you could also feel extreme tiredness and easy fatiguability. Muscle and joint stiffness and tenderness may also exhibit, and in a few cases, the sex drive may be affected.

Effectiveness of pregnenolone usage

Pregnenolone is taken via the oral route. Though there is insufficient scientific proof and validation regarding its effectiveness as a long-term hormone supplement, health practitioners still recommend it for an important reason. Taking pregnenolone supplements has led to the resolution of several health concerns. It also reduces common problems associated with the aging process.

Brain health is promoted by ingesting this steroid hormone. It enhances memory by fighting against age-related memory disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. Menopausal women and women who are about to have their menstruation find it helpful to relieve their symptoms. Also, common breakouts of skin conditions can be treated with pregnenolone. These are caused by immune system reactions, such as psoriasis and scleroderma.

However, there is a downside to overconsuming this particular hormone, especially when taken for an excess of three months. Regular use of pregnenolone supplements may lead to adverse reactions, ranging from mild to more alarming ones. Because this supplement can influence other hormone levels, you may experience mood swings and anxiety attacks, together with abnormal heart rhythm, fatigue, and headache.


Supplements abound in the health market to address some health concerns. Though not all have been tested and proven entirely safe, most supplemental products have shown their efficacy in alleviating the symptoms of certain illnesses. As such, knowing which products to take is essential, so make an informed choice in the matter of taking them. In this regard, pregnenolone is deemed a useful hormonal supplement, especially since, sooner or later, everyone undergoes the inevitable process of aging.

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