Ten Ways to Avoid Christmas Tree and Holiday Allergies

Rule No.1 � Keep your decorations �off season� in enclosed containers, this will reduce dust and mildew from accumulating � and avoid sniffles when opened.

Rule No.2 � Avoid artificial �snow sprays� that can aggravate your sinuses, eyes and cause annoying respiratory symptom including cough.

Rule No.3 � Watch out for those lovely faux holiday �poinsettias� if you have skin allergies, especially if you have a sensitivity to rubber, it may cause a itchy rash.

Rule No.4 � Don�t bring in wood for the fireplace until needed, it may bring mildew and molds into your home, especially when not completely dry or damp.

Rule No.5 � Watch out for those pesky mold spores if you have a natural, fresh Christmas tree in your home, especially if you have indoor allergies!

Rule No.6 � If you humidify your home, measure the indoor humidity level with a low cost hygrometer, and keep the level of humidity at 50 percent or less.

Rule No.7 � It may be best to avoid wood burning stoves or direct exposure to poorly ventilated home fireplace, especially if you have asthma or respiratory problems.

Rule No.8 � Stay away from scented candles and potpourri, incense, room fragrance devices that can irritate your eyes and nose as well as your breathing.

Rule No.9 � Wash all non-porous holiday decorations, with warm soapy water to clean off dust and mildew, before placing on your tree and other areas of the home.

Rule No.10 � A HEPA air cleaner (both a portable room unit and/or central heating/ventilation system can help to reduce indoor allergens and pollutants.)

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