The Health Benefits Of Eating Avocados

When it comes to being proactive in planning your diet, you can’t have too many fruits. In fact, there is one fruit, in particular, that’s getting all the rave nowadays. To date, avocados are climbing to the top of the list of fruits to incorporate into every diet. Indeed, more people are seeing the health benefits of avocados on top of simply enjoying the fruit. So what makes this fruit so endearing to health enthusiasts?

For one thing, avocado boasts a smooth and delicious texture that makes it an essential staple for people who can’t consume other fatty foods. Aside from this, it’s mostly an ingredient in savory and vegetarian dishes, as well as drinks. However, beyond its many uses in the kitchen, there is much more to avocados than you might think.

Why Choose an Avocado-rich Diet

In recent years, people are becoming more health-conscious. This means that if there are any lifestyle changes recommended by health experts, they are more than willing to try them out.

One of the most suggested is diet modification. It is common to hear about many different healthy diets, like the popularized Mediterranean diet or the well-loved paleo diet. Regardless of these medically proven effective diets, there is a simple way to make sure you get the recommended amount of nutrients and other health perks as a bonus. For a start, you can try an avocado-rich diet.

Choose a nutrition-packed fruit

If your ultimate goal is to have a higher intake of healthy foods, then you should look into putting avocados in your meal plan. That’s because a single avocado serving is jampacked with nutrients that your body can’t get enough of.

The fruit is filled with Vitamins A through K, minus Vitamin D. In addition, you can source out other essential minerals, like high doses of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium. That’s on top of small quantities of iron, zinc, and manganese. Avocado is also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, and beta-carotene.

The list actually goes on, but the gist of it is that regular consumption of avocados is very good for you. Of course, there might be other fruits containing the same nutritional value, but avocados are one of those that have extensive coverage.

No more bad fat

A common concern of many is the fat content of whatever it is they are putting in their mouths. Fortunately, with avocados, you’ll stay on the safe side of your fat levels. Despite being categorized as a high-fat food, its bulk is beneficial and monounsaturated fats that promote optimal functioning of your body’s cells.
The heart is sensitive to whatever diet you subject it to, so be careful what you’re feeding it. For example, avocado is brimming with heart-healthy fats and has been deemed an essential factor in limiting the occurrence of cardiovascular health issues.

Shy away from diseases

An avocado-rich diet is responsible for keeping your body protected against particular illnesses and health conditions. For instance, suppose you’re experiencing changes in your vision. In that case, the phytochemicals found in avocados can offer protection against severe damage, even ultraviolet light.

Your bone health is also one more reason to look into the health benefits of avocados. As the fruit is rich in Vitamin K, calcium, and Vitamin D, this ensures you’re taking in enough of these nutrients with just a serving. As a result, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis shouldn’t be a concern anymore.

Cancer is another issue that you have to prevent at all costs. Avocados offer a sufficient amount of folate that can combat the growth of precancerous and cancerous cells, especially in the colon, stomach, cervix, and pancreas.

Boost your overall health

Your mental and emotional state is as vital as your physical well-being. That’s why you have to take care of yourself holistically. By reducing the levels of certain neural chemicals that interfere with your sleeping patterns, appetite, and mood, avocado promotes overall mental health.

The fiber found in avocados has also been proven to significantly reduce the likelihood of heart ailments and gastrointestinal problems. So a lower level of bad cholesterol and blood triglycerides can do the trick. Plus, it will be your new best friend if you’re trying to shed off extra kilograms.

Easy Ways to Prepare Avocado

As impressive as its health benefits sound, you’d appreciate it more if you can have variety in your avocado-rich diet. The good news is you totally can. There are numerous ways you can enjoy this fruit, which makes your diet more exciting.

The most common way to eat this fruit is as is, by simply peeling and slicing it. Obviously, that’s the most typical preparation of almost any fruit: eating it raw. However, avocado can be included in many dishes and beverages.


Unsaturated fat is an essential component of your daily diet, so eating avocados can guarantee you a brilliant substitute for foods rich in this. On days when you feel time-pressured, you can whip up an avocado salad. You could use it as a base for other nutrient-dense ingredients, or it could even be tried out as a salad dressing.


For a more cholesterol-free topping to your sandwiches and toast, try an avocado spread. You could mash the fruit to turn it into a creamy bread spread, at least one that’s low in sodium and saturated fat.


Who says smoothies have to be all fatty and unhealthy? You can still have your desired beverage, albeit the healthier way. For example, mixing avocado with your green, leafy vegetables or other fruits will make your snacktime more health-friendly.


Pasta is complimented with any sauce, and avocado sauce can be one of those. A good suggestion would be to mix the fruit with corn and tomatoes for a creamier and well-balanced sauce.


Avocado is well-loved for its rich and velvety taste. Interestingly, even in its raw form, it already boasts many health benefits. If you start having an avocado-rich diet, you’ll experience the positive changes that will accelerate in your body in no time at all.