Worst Cities For Allergies In The United States

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With over 50 million Americans living with nasal allergies across all states, it is without any doubt that we would be interested in which cities have the worst cases of allergies. Ranging from seasonal allergies to pets and dust mites. We are going to share with you the top 10 worst cities across America for allergy sufferers. The places you would not want to live if you are prone to allergies.

10- Madison, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin, is one city that has just made it into our top ten worst American cities for allergies, with a large number of people living here suffering from allergies. The main allergy you can see people from Madison suffering from is pollen from Ragweed. This is due to how common ragweed is in this city. The worse seasons being late summer and fall when the ragweed releasing its pollen into the atmosphere.

9- McAllen, Texas 

McAllen, Texas is a common city to rank in many top 10 worst cities for allergies, with their positions ranging massively. This is due to the high amount of allergy sufferers they have. It is believed that the high allergy rates in the fall and spring is due to the heat and humidity in these seasons. Bringing the perfect weather for plants to lose their pollen.



8- Richmond, Virginia 

At number 8 on our list is Richmond, Virginia. It is a city that is well known for its sneezing and wheezing, so it is no wonder why they have made it onto our list. The most common allergies within Richmond are those to do with plants releasing pollen. This is down to the summers growing longer, with their winters becoming warmer. Plants are continuing to release their pollen into the atmosphere of Richmond for more months than average, meaning pollen allergy sufferers are being exposed more.

7- Orlando, Florida 

The city of Orlando is not always mentioned in the worst cities for allergies lists. Making people assume this city is allergy-free. The reason it is not mentioned is that people living here do not suffer badly from hay fever allergies. They are however one of the worst cities in the United States of America to suffer from dust mite allergies. This is mainly due to their weather conditions being perfect for dust mites to form and reproduce.



6- Denver, Colorado 

Denver, another city that is rarely included in these lists. Yet, they do still suffer from allergies here. The most common allergies you will find people suffering from are ones related to pets, including the allergy of cat and dog hair. This is alongside their popular ragweed allergies. If you are someone who loves pets, stay away from Denver as you won’t find many around. 



5- Atlanta, Georgia 

Sat respectful in the middle of our list is Atlanta, Georgia. A city that has seen a substantial rise in its allergy sufferers. With them having a high 28% of its population suffering from dust mite allergies. As well as a huge rise in the number of people suffering from pollen allergies. It is believed that this rise is due to the warmer temperatures lasting for longer, meaning plants release their pollen for more time as well as earlier into the year. 



4- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is another city in the United States that suffers majorly from allergies. With them being on the high side for all 5 of the most common allergies across the United States. Philadelphia is a state that is well known for its long, hot, and sunny days. This does not help those suffering from allergies as it means pollen is being released by plants for longer periods of the year. This is not the most ideal place to live for any allergy sufferer.



3- Washington, DC 

Beginning our top 3 of the worst cities for allergies is the Capital of the United States, Washington. This is one of the worst cities for pollen/hay fever allergy sufferers. Due to the large number of trees that are situated all around the city. There is no escaping the pollen that is released from them during the warmer months. Making this city a living nightmare for any allergy sufferer. 



2- Phoenix, Arizona 

Phoenix, Arizona has landed itself the runner-up spot in our list of the worse cities for allergies in America. This is because they are the worse city for ragweed allergy sufferers. Due to the large number of ragweed found in this state, alongside all of the desert plants which can be found. All of these plants releasing their pollen all throughout the year makes this city a true living nightmare for allergy sufferers. It is not an ideal place to live if you are an allergy sufferer wanting to move somewhere with less chance of suffering from your allergies. 


And finally, the time has come to reveal our number 1 spot. The place which we deem the worst city in the whole of the United States of America for allergies. 



1- Jackson, Mississippi

Jackson in Mississippi has to be the worst city in America for allergy sufferers. With the city always ranking highly for allergy sufferers. Why they are trying as a city to control their allergy sufferers, they are still one place where allergy rates are extremely high. We believe this is due to the cities humidity, causing the perfect conditions for allergies to reproduce and continue to cause problems for sufferers. 


So, this is our list of the top 10 worst cities in the whole of the United States of America for allergies. Our conclusion, if you suffer from allergies and want a more allergy-free life, try to stay away from these cities. One way to find out your allergy triggers is to get an allergy blood test. Getting tested is easy, just order online, get tested at your local lab, and then receive your lab test results online. No doctor’s note is necessary!

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