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Dr. Lawenda

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Dr. Brian Lawenda is one of only a handful of physicians in the United States who is a Radiation Oncologist, Integrative Oncologist, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Medical Acupuncturist. He is the Medical Director for the Northwest Cancer Clinic/21st Century Oncology office located in Kennewick, Washington.

Dr. Lawenda launched Integrative Oncology-Essentials, in 2009, as a means of sharing up-to-date “Integrative Oncology” news, information and resources with patients. His hope is that this content will help anyone living with or beyond a diagnosis of cancer. Dr. Lawenda is also the founder of, an interactive self-paced, online educational course to help teach cancer patients and survivors about numerous topics: integrative oncology, functional medicine assay testing, complementary therapies, the use of supplements and off-label drugs, how to reduce inflammation and improve immunity, manage treatment side effects and much more.

Dr. Lawenda has partnered with Walk-In Lab to provide a convenient, affordable and confidential blood testing option.

Walk-In Lab makes it easy to get your numbers and provide simple to read results quickly. You can set up a blood draw with either Lab Corp or Quest Diagnostics. We recommend you first schedule an appointment online with either lab at a convenient time.

Dr. Lawenda’s Blood Test Panel

Dr. Lawenda’s Cardiac Risk Panel #1

Dr. Lawenda’s Cardiac Risk Panel #2

Natural Killer Cells

Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy Blood Test

Interleukin-6 Blood Test