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Transferrin Blood Test

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Assess the body's ability to bind and transport iron in the blood and monitor liver function or nutritional status.

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Also Known As Siderophilin
Preparation Fasting for 10-12 hours required.
Test Results 3-5 days. May take longer based on weather, holiday or lab delays.

The Transferrin Test is ordered to assess the body's ability to bind and transport iron in the blood. It is often ordered along with other iron-related tests when iron deficiency or overload are suspected, or to assess nutrition or liver function.

The body absorbs iron from the food you eat, and transferrin transports it throughout the body. Transferrin is produced in the liver, so the amount of transferrin present in the blood can be an indicator of liver function, as well as your nutrition—low levels can indicate a lack of protein and/or too much iron in your diet. Individuals with liver disease, kidney disease, cancer, chronic inflammation or hereditary transferrin deficiency may also have low levels of transferrin. Women who are pregnant or taking birth control pills may have high levels of transferrin. High levels can also indicate iron deficiency. In addition to a Transferrin Test, an iron serum test, iron and TIBC blood test, and/or ferritin serum test may be ordered to assess and diagnose iron-related conditions.

Raised transferrin may indicate iron deficiency anaemia whereas low transferrin can occur in iron overload conditions and cases of malnutrition.  Healthy liver function and nutrition are important to the body's ability to produce transferrin in the proper amount.  Transferrin levels increase in cases of iron deficiency and decrease in cases of iron overload.  An out of range Tranferrin level can be indicative of Iron Deficiency Anemia as well as a variety of liver problems.  Transferrin levels may not be elevated in cases of iron deficiency which are coupled with severe protein malnutrition.  Higher transferrin levels may occur in people taking oral contraceptives or in the late stages of pregnancy.

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