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Urine Culture, Routine

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Detects and identifies bacteria and yeast in the urine.

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Also Known As Culture, Urine, Routine; Midstream Urine Culture, Routine; Routine Culture, Urine; Clean Catch, Urine Culture; Catheter, Urine Culture, Routine; Midvoid Specimen, Urine Culture; Colony Count: Sensitivity on any Flora
Preparation No fasting required. First morning specimens yield highest bacterial counts from overnight incubation in the bladder, and are the best specimens.
Test Results 3-5 days. May take longer based on weather, holiday or lab delays.

A single culture is about 80% accurate in the female; while two cultures containing the same organism with a count of 105 or more represent 95% chance of true bacteriuria; three such specimens indicate virtual certainty of true bacteriuria. Urinary tract infections are significantly higher in women who use diaphragm-spermicide contraception, perhaps secondary to increased vaginal pH and a higher frequency of vaginal colonization with E. coli. A single clean voided specimen from an adult male may be considered diagnostic with the proper preparation and care in specimen collection. If the patient is receiving antimicrobial therapy at the time of specimen collection, any level of bacteriuria may be significant. When more than two organisms are recovered, the chance of contamination is high; thus, the significance of definitive identification of the organisms and susceptibility testing in this situation is very limited.

A repeat culture with proper specimen collection which includes patient preparation is often indicated. Periodic evaluation of pregnant women and diabetics for asymptomatic bacteriuria has been recommended. Institutionalized patients, especially elderly individuals, are often prone to urinary tract infections, some of which can be severe.

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