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Cellular Nutrition Assay (CNA) & MethylDetox Profile - ALCAT Test Kit

The Cellular Nutrition Assay (CNA) & MethylDetox Profile - ALCAT Test Kit thoroughly evaluates dietary choices by identifying foods to limit and foods to prioritize.  Note: This is a pre-paid shipping test kit that will be mailed and it requires a blood draw. Please Click Here to locate a lab for specimen collection.

Test Code: ALC39

Also Known As:


Specimen Type: Blood


No fasting is required. Patients should avoid consuming antibiotics and antihistamines for 5 days, oral steroids for 7 days, and topical steroids for 24 hours before collection. Patients should also reduce vitamin C to 2500 mg or less for 48 hours before collection. If possible, take medications or supplements after collection. Check with your physician before stopping any medications. Make sure to read all collection instructions.

Test Results:

7-10 business days once the lab receives the specimen. May take longer based on weather, holiday, or lab delays.


This Cellular Nutrition Assay (CNA) & MethylDetox Profile - ALCAT Test Kit includes the following test components:

  • Cellular Micronutrient Assay (CMA)
  • Redox Assay
  • Antioxidant Protection Assay (APA)
  • MTHFR 
  • MTR 
  • MTRR 
  • COMT 
  • AHCY


What is the purpose of this test?

Order this Cellular Nutrition Assay (CNA) & MethylDetox Profile - ALCAT Test Kit, which comprehensively analyzes which foods to avoid and include in your diet. 


The Cellular Nutrition Assay is a type of test that evaluates a patient's nutrient requirements at a cellular level. It examines nutrient insufficiencies, overall antioxidant function, and particular advantageous antioxidants to provide an understanding of the nutrient reserves in their cells. This test is similar to hemoglobin A1C, which displays extended information about blood sugar levels. The CNA is customized for each person, considering how their immune cells react to various aspects of the test.



The MethylDetox Profile is an all-encompassing testing procedure that deeply understands your body's methylation and detoxification processes. It offers a more comprehensive analysis than just MTHFR testing and provides detailed insights into your nutrient requirements, which you can discuss with your healthcare provider. This profile is an invaluable tool for anyone seeking to optimize their health and wellness by better understanding their body's unique needs.

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