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Alkaline Phosphatase Blood Test

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The alkaline phosphatase blood test measures the level of the enzyme alkaline phosphatase in the blood.

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Also Known As ALK; ALK blood test; ALP; Phosphatase, Alkaline
Preparation Fasting for 6-8 hours required.
Test Results 1-2 days. May take longer based on weather, holiday or lab delays.

Alkaline phosphatase (ALK) is one kind of enzyme that can be measured in the blood. This enzyme helps break down your body's proteins and exists in various forms depending on where it comes from. The primary originator of alkaline phosphatase is your liver. However, it is also generated in the kidneys, intestines, pancreas, and bones. 

The alkaline phosphatase test can assist in identifying the following conditions: 

  • blockage of bile ducts
  • cholecystitis
  • hepatitis
  • cirrhosis

The following bone problems can be detected by an ALK blood test:

  • osteomalacia
  • rickets
  • Paget’s disease

This test may also be beneficial in understanding vitamin D deficiency, abnormal bone growth, or cancer tumors being present.

Higher alkaline phosphatase concentrations in your bloodstream may also suggest liver or gallbladder issues. Common problems that occur with the liver or gallbladder are:

  • blockage of bile ducts
  • hepatitis
  • cirrhosis
  • liver cancer
  • gallstones

A higher than normal ALK level could be a sign of Paget's disease, bone cancer, an overactive parathyroid gland, or rickets.

Low concentrations of alkaline phosphatase in your bloodstream are uncommon but may imply celiac disease or malnutrition that could result from a deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals.

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