10 Tips To Feel Young At Any Age

Oh, to be young again! Maybe we wouldn’t do things differently. Maybe we would. Sadly, the time machine hasn’t been invented yet (or maybe fortuitously for some of us!). Now, we will neither confirm or deny any Silicon Valley tech being  built, wouldn’t it be nice to still FEEL young. Having the energy alone… What we can do is make things a little easier for you by giving you these 10 Tips To Feel Young At Any Age.


10 Tips To Feel Young At Any Age

These tips aren’t designed to help you look young. These will help you feel young. Being old isn’t just a matter of age. Which leads us into our first tip.

1. Positive State of Mind

If you want to know how to feel young, you’ve have to think young. One of the biggest factors in learning how to stay young at 50 is keeping a positive mental attitude. The mental placebo effect is a real thing. It is shown to keep you mentally strong, active and can even ward off sickness.

2. Exercise

Learning how to feel young is one thing, but learning how to stay young is another. One of the easiest ways to do this is with regular exercise. It doesn’t even need to be anything overly rigorous. Any kind of regular walking at a brisk pace will help keep you feeling youthful.

3. Eating Better

You might feel like you’ve earned the right to put on those extra ‘old age’ pounds, but if you want to feel young, you should avoid that. Eating healthy is great for your bone health, your digestive system and keeps your weight at a healthy level. And the idea that eating better means sacrifice is just hooey. You’d be surprised how good healthy food tastes.

4. Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Going to bed early and getting up early might not seem like a youthful thing to do, but if you’re pushing on in years it’s an excellent way to stay young. A good night’s sleep will make you feel fantastic and keep you in good health. And it can be excellent for your mental health too.

5. Don’t Retire!

Like the old saying goes; the biggest killer of pensioners is retirement. Don’t let it happen to you. See ‘retirement’ as an opportunity to start some new adventures. Keep a part time job, start up a small business, learn how to paint – whatever it is, just do something. Nothing keeps you feeling young like having a sense of purpose.

6. Learn A New Skill

Keeping your mind active is the key to feeling young, so don’t stagnate on your skill set. Take up  a painting class, learn a new language, or try your hand at computer programming. It doesn’t matter what it is, just get learning. The act of taking on new information keeps your mind healthy and firing on all cylinders. With the internet it’s a lot easier to do too.

7. Travel

It might not be within everyone’s budget but, if you’re 50+, travel is an excellent way to stay young and healthy. Visiting new places can stimulate your mind and body whilst keeping you youthful in your outlook.

8. Set A Big Challenge

Nothing keeps you young like a big challenge to conquer. Try to set a goal like running a mini marathon or climbing a mountain to keep you driving forward. That inner drive will keep your mind and spirit youthful. It doesn’t have to be that big even, just enough so it’s not easily achieved.

9. Learn To Let Go

When you get to a certain age, you can be weighed down by events throughout your life. The key to feeling young and staying young, is to take a clean slate to your life. Life really is too short for whatever it is that’s holding you back. When you let go of those things, you’ll really feel that youthful freedom. Saying it is a lot easier than doing it, of course. Deciding the need to let go is a really big first step though.

10. Take Some Me Time

If the young can be self absorbed, so should you! To really feel young, you’ll need to take some time for ‘you.’ Make sure that you treat yourself to whatever it is you want and can afford. You’ve earned it! That feeling of satisfaction will keep you young and driven. Treat. Yo. Self.

These quick tips will keep you feeling young, regardless of how old you might actually be. Once you feel young, you’ll be young, at least in spirit!


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