5 Celebrity Fitness Tips

Celebrities have way more resources than the rest of us normally do. To keep looking good and fit, they hire professionals to whip them into shape. But occasionally, they spill the beans on their workout routines. We put together a few of these celebrity fitness tips to help you achieve your fitness goals!

5 Celebrity Fitness Tips

We’re going to mix it up with a mix of both men and women, so everybody can get what they need.

Kate Hudson

The first thing she would like you to know is that what you see in the movies is not how she looks all the time. The exercise and diet needed for a specific project is NOT sustainable year in and year out. It’s designed for a short term goal of looking good for a specific amount of time: the film shoot.

Kate doesn’t settle for just one exercise routine, but when she really wants to whip herself into shape, she focuses on pilates. “Nothing, literally nothing, makes me feel like I’m back to my body more than pilates,” she says.

Celebrity Fitness Tips - Kate Hudson

Dwayne Johnson

Most of us are not going to be able to keep up with The Rock in his workout routine, at least not at first! Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

His workout routine consists of clanging and banging, hitting the gym 6 times a week. Each day focuses on a different part of his body. So, you don’t have to push the same weight to follow this routine. As with all weight training, it’s about lifting just a little bit more than you’re comfortable with and adding weight when it does start to get comfortable.

Celebrity Fitness Tips - Dwayne Johnson

Jennifer Aniston

Jen’s legs are absolutely amazing and the envy of many people. She shared how she maintains them with Glamour Magazine. All you need is a chair, time and the will to do this exercise:

Place a chair on your right side. Stand with your feet approximately 1 inch apart and hold on to the back of the chair with your right arm. Take a large step back with your left leg, bending it into a 90-degree angle (allowing the back knee to hover just above the floor). Then lift the left knee up toward your chest. From the chest position, extend your left leg back fully behind you (think of an ice skater on one leg with the other leg extended behind her), holding your foot up to hip level, flexing your glutes. From that position, bring knee back to chest and lunge back down. That’s one rep; do 10 to 12 on each leg. Aim for three to four sets.

Fitness Tip: To do this move safely, be sure your front knee never passes your front toe.

Celebrity Fitness Tips - Jennifer Aniston

Chris Pratt

Prior to being the buff superhero type, Chris was actually more known for being a little round about the middle on Parks and Recreation as the loveable, but dim Andy. When it was time to become Star-Lord, Chris had a very specific vision of what he wanted his body to look like.

He started with a warmup routine of running and calisthenics. Then, he worked out his back, biceps and abs. Next, he focused solely on his abs to get the six-pack look. Wrapping it up with a cardio routine.  Specifics of exactly what he did are at the link above.

Celebrity Fitness Tips - Chris Pratt

Sarah Jessica Parker

Besides being famous for the hit show Sex in the City, Sarah is well known for those amazingly toned arms! Well, now, you can have them too, if you put in the work. InStyle magazine talked to Sarah’s trainer, who revealed the exercise she does to get those muscles.

It’s called the inverted shoulder press. Start by placing your hands on the floor in a downward V position. Then walk those toes in, so the weight is on your hands and not in your lower body. Turn your hands so the palms are facing slightly out and the fingers are pointing at each other. Finally, bend the elbows out and lower the top of your head to the floor and come all the way back up.

Celebrity Fitness Tips - Sarah Jessica Parker

Remember, before tackling any new fitness program, make sure you get tested first. You can’t set goals without knowing where you are. And you can do a lot more harm than good if you start exercising when something isn’t right in your body.