5 Health Conditions Men Lie About To Their Doctor

Guys, we know how it is. You’ve been dodging the doctor as long as you possibly can and the jig is up – it’s time for the yearly check up. Sure, you’ll get your blood pressure checked, your heart listened to and your bloods done; but for most of men, that’s usually where it ends – regardless of whether or not the doctor has found what’s really troubling you. The thing is, men just never tell. Often, their first instinct is to lie, and “I’m fine” becomes a way of life for most men in the doctor’s office, even if they’re anything but “fine.”

When it comes to men, doctors, and embarrassing medical conditions, they tend to tell a LOT of lies.

We had a look at 5 common health conditions that men tend to gloss over in the doctor’s office.


Snoring affects almost 50% of all men and is an embarrassing and troublesome condition. It’s a sensitive topic for most men and one that isn’t easy to bring up to a doctor. Yet it could be a symptom of a more serious condition like sleep apnea, an alcohol problem, or structural issues in the nose/nasal cavity. According to WebMD, prolonged suffering from obstructive sleep apnea results in higher blood pressure, raising the risk of heart attack or stroke!


We know that everyone gets gas at one point or another but for some men, it can go beyond the normal. Flatulence that is particularly foul smelling can be a sign of something more sinister, but do you see most men talking to their doctor about it? No way!

Extremely bad smelling flatulence can be a sign of lactose intolerance, a food allergy or poor diet at best – and diverticulitis, colitis or Crohn’s Disease at worst.

Sexual Problems

You might be reading this and thinking that there’s no way you’d lie about snoring or flatulence. Maybe some men don’t think it’s a problem. But one area that a lot of men have a lot of trouble with, is anything to do with sexual dysfunction or impotence. It’s extremely sensitive and embarrassing for a lot of men and most will lie to every doctor they see rather than deal with it.

And yet, it’s so extremely common. By the age of 40, almost 40% of all men have experienced a sexual dysfunction of some kind – be that a hindered libido, premature ejaculation or an inability to get or maintain an erection. It’s the one thing that men tend to avoid talking about.

It isn’t just embarrassing. It can be a sign of an underlying medical condition like diabetes, a heart issue, or circulation problem.

Fungal Groin Infections

As we’re talking about downstairs, we can’t forget the medical condition known as jock itch or tinea cruris to give it it’s proper medical name. This condition can present itself as a blotchy red rash in the groin and inner thighs. This fungal infection is caused by excessive sweating, thigh rubbing or ill fitting underwear.


One thing men will constantly lie about to their doctor is the condition of their testicles. No man wants to find an odd lump on his testicles – nothing is more fear inducing. Your first thought will immediately be the dreaded C word, but it could simply be a cyst or boil that might be completely innocuous. One of the biggest problems with men’s lies to their doctor is the unnecessary stress it causes them.

If detected early, testicular cancer and prostate cancer both have excellent remission rates in the high 90% range.

The biggest reason behind men’s lies to doctors is anxiety. Anxiety about your health, your future and what a sickness might mean. But you can quickly reduce that anxiety by communicating honestly with your doctor.


There are lots of great ways that men can stay in communication with their doctor to reduce their anxiety and make sure that they takes their health seriously. You can also keep up with excellent health sites like Men’s Health Mag and Men’s Health Style to keep abreast of all the latest health and style news to make sure you keep up to date with what’s happening in men’s health. And if it helps, get your own tests to determine potential health risks, to avoid needless embarrassment. It’s a workaround of sorts, but nothing beats actually being honest with your medical professional. It really doesn’t do men any good to lie to their doctor!

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