7 Foods to Eat for a Great Workout

Planning to work out for an active and healthy body? While you are planning mentally, why not prepare yourself a little bit physically too? There are various reasons people work out, and there are multiple kinds of meals you can consume for that particular workout routine. Different meals can serve varied inducements. We have gathered a diversified range of meals for weight loss, energy, bodybuilding, and women’s health. 

Fruit Smoothies

Smoothies are full of nutrition and energy, and the best part is that it will not even make you feel heavy. You can customize your smoothie by adding ingredients of your choice! Fruits, nuts, flavors, etc. can be taken both before and after the workout.

Our favorite smoothie recipe is special: if you want to follow our recipe, read further. We are sure you will love it!

It’s effortless; take bananas, beetroots, raspberries, and dates. Blend them together and enjoy! You can add milk if you want for extra points. If you’re avoiding dairy, you can add soy, almond, or oat milk too.

Bananas & Oats

This combination is a fun-filled pack of carbs and potassium. Bananas are great digestive foods that help with the rebuilding of your damaged muscles. It’s very light and nutritious, so that you can have this snack before working out. It will boost your energy levels, and you will be able to work out better. 

Oats tend to digest slowly in the body, which keeps your energy levels high for a longer time. Oats are primarily consumed by bodybuilders, as it contains proteins, fiber, fats, and carbs, all good sources to control your blood sugar and cholesterol. It’s better to take oats at least an hour before working out as it feels heavy after eating it. 

Pro tipadd fruits in your oats for a better taste and additional energy!


Chicken, Rice, & Vegetables

If you are consuming chicken for a workout, choose the breast piece, it has the most proteins, and it is a good source of niacin which helps protein and carbs convert into energy which can be helpful.

As per vegetables, we would advise you to consume leafy ones. They have antioxidants that help with muscle building and losing fats. Spinach would work best. Wash your spinach, boil, add salt and black pepper and eat it as sides with your chicken breast! Boiled white rice with breast and a little vegetable is your complete meal of carbs and proteins.

Pro tip: grill or bake your vegetables and chicken and have it with boiled rice. You will feel full, and your body will receive all the essential nutrients.

Whole Grain Pasta

If you are planning to consume some iron and vitamin B, go for pasta. It is light and will work as an excellent pre-workout meal as it helps your body with training. You can add sauces for taste if you like. Small pieces of grilled chicken or dipped in sauces can make your pasta delicious too!

Pro tip: basil or white bean sauce will be much healthier and more nutritious for your body if you add it to your pasta.

Potatoes & Broccoli 

Baked potatoes with a sauce can be a great and mouthwatering meal; however, if you are losing weight or bodybuilding, the calorie count must be taken into consideration. Consuming too many potatoes in a single day may reverse the benefits and disrupt your goal of working out. 

Broccolis are very healthy but make sure you don’t consume it before the workout as it is very hard to digest; therefore, it will make your workout uncomfortable. You can make a broccoli salad by adding spinach, tomatoes, radishes and dress it in mustard, oil, pepper, or yogurt.

Peanut Butter Sandwich 

The typical old-fashioned peanut butter sandwich can give you so many benefits! It’s a source of protein, healthy before working out. You can spread jelly on it for an essential sugar you need every day, which will ultimately give you energy.

You can toss an egg omelet with the sandwich with a side salad if you want. It is advised to eat this meal at least an hour before working out.

Dried Fruits, or Granola Bars

Almonds, pistachios, dates, cashews, nuts, walnuts, apricots, hazelnuts, and the list go on. There is not a single dried fruit that stays behind to bring nutrients to your body. Eat a handful of dried fruits before or after a workout, any time you like. 

Pro tip: buy saltish dried fruits that are available in the can for better taste.

Granola bars are high in proteins, therefore, help with your tired muscles. Consuming these after a workout will prevent you from having muscular aches and joint pains. If you plan to build your muscles, consume granola bars with Greek yogurt for more effective results.

However, if your work out plan is for weight loss, granola bars are to be consumed in a moderate amount as it contains a high amount of fats and sugars which may not be weight loss friendly. 

With all the meals mentioned above, you can make variations according to the calorie count of your intake per day. 

Whether you work out or not, stay hydrated. Drink as much water as you can; it helps in digestion, it helps to flush all the body wastes, make your skin and hair look better, and helps retain all the minerals that we lose by sweat while working out. 

If you are going through any medical conditions, please visit your medical doctor before consuming any food mentioned above. Therefore, these meals are for specific workout routines and may not be applicable or beneficial if taken otherwise. There are different goals and requirements of every individual; please take some advice from an expert before proceeding with better results. The meals highly depend on the type of workout you are planning on doing too. 

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