How To Be Healthy During The Holidays

Holidays can be the best time of the year AND a huge pain. Staying healthy during the holidays can be challenging. Not only are there a ton of temptations to be unhealthy, but holiday stress can build up as well. Did you know that on average people add a pound of weight this time, every year? That might not seem like a lot, but like everything, it adds up year by year.

There is hope. Here are a couple of tips to will get looking and feeling healthy during the holidays both inside and out.

How To Be Healthy During The Holidays

We get that there are a lot of people with advice like “don’t overeat.” Or don’t overdo it with alcohol. While both of these are true, that’s easier said than done sometimes. These tips are aimed to be more practical.

Eat A Good Breakfast

No, donuts and sugary cereals do not count as a good breakfast. When you do that, you can trigger cravings for sweets that last all day long. Skipping breakfast is also not a good idea. This meal fuels you for the day. Skipping it means you’ll have less energy. Not only that, but you’ll overeat later in the day as a result of being “starving.” So, the first step to not binging on too much holiday food is making sure your body gets what it needs first thing in the day.

Healthy During The Holidays - Eat A Good Breakfast

Only Eat What You Love

Yes, there are meals that are unique to the holiday season. Some you’ve been looking forward to all year long. Just because you’re being healthy doesn’t mean you have give up those foods. What you should avoid, those foods you just “like.” Don’t drink eggnog because you think it’s expected of you, for example. It’s okay to leave seasonal fare by the wayside. And it’s okay to indulge in seasonal foods you love. Denying yourself that pleasure can affect your mental state.

Healthy During The Holidays - Only Eat What You Love

Acknowledge Depression

Speaking of your mental state, there is a lot of pressure put on people to be “happy.” It’s okay to not be happy. Too many times, people try to bury their depression, thinking no one wants to hear it. But if you acknowledge it and accept it as a part of you, then you can move on to ways of dealing with depression. That you are feeling depressed is a fact. The feelings of that depression, however, are not a fact. Just because you feel alone and useless doesn’t mean you are those things. It may be a cliche, but talking to someone will help alleviate these thoughts. Accept the fact that you might be sad. Do not accept what that sadness is telling you about yourself.

Healthy During The Holidays - Acknowledge Depression

Give Yourself Gift Of Me Time

Part of the stress we feel during the holidays is the constant pressure “make the most” out of your time. Yes, your family is excited to see you, especially if you don’t live near them normally. By all means, spend time with them. But you don’t have to spend every moment trying to fill someone else’s schedule. Set aside some alone time. Take a walk. Read a book for an hour. Give yourself some down time to relax. You have more time than you think.

Healthy During The Holidays - Give Yourself Gift of Me Time

Get Sleep

Here’s a funny thing. People think you can “catch up” on sleep. Our bodies don’t work that way. On average, adults need 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Teenagers need more. The elderly need less. Like with the last tip, there can be pressure to squeeze as much into a day as possible. That means your sleep can suffer. Instead, take this time off to get a sense of what your body needs. Don’t set an alarm. Go to bed when it feels right and see how much sleep your body tells you is necessary. This will actually help you throughout the year because you’ll know exactly what you’re losing in sleep when you push yourself too hard.

Healthy During The Holidays - Get Sleep

Let Go Of The Guilt

Some of the holiday stress we put on ourselves is guilt about overdoing things. You’re going to have that extra slice of pie. There will be a day when you don’t get enough sleep. This happens to the most diligent of people. Holiday temptations exist. As long as you’re not falling for ALL of them, it’s okay. There is nothing you can do during this time that can’t be undone with a little work. So, why add to your stress by feeling guilty about it?

Healthy During The Holidays - Let Go Of The Guilt

A new year is right around the corner. With it will come renewed determination to be healthier. Again, keeping that resolution can be easier said than done, but Walk-in Lab is here to help. We have Fitness & Wellness Panels to help you set goals and keep track of those goals. We will give you insight into your health so you can find practical solutions to become healthier.

Next year is going to be a great year!