Insights from Anti-Aging Blood Tests

Positives of Aging

Many people, especially those who are still very young, have a great fear of aging and seem to believe that the term “aging” is somehow synonymous with disability and disease.  The risk of developing certain medical conditions does assuredly increase with age.  Similarly, there are many medical conditions that one is at much more risk of developing in childhood or young adulthood.   And, life is about so much more than calculating risk factors for disease.  Being an older adult offers a lot of benefits that can greatly enhance one’s enjoyment of life.

One of the best parts of aging is having had so many life experiences.  These experiences lead to a lot of wisdom and insight, which generally results in better decision-making skills.  This, of course, does not mean that an older individual will suddenly always make great decisions.  Still, poor decisions tend to be made less frequently and the consequences dealt with more calmly.  Many older adults report that as they age they become more confident and sure of who they are and how they want to live their lives.  Often, with this life certainty will come increased motivation to get out and do the things that one wants to do, see the things that one wants to see, and, most importantly, make time to stay connected to the things and people that matter.  There is a lot of freedom that comes with getting older.  However, physical ailments related to aging can interfere with this freedom

anti-aging blood testRisks that Increase with Age

The downside of aging is that one’s body may want to start working less efficiently.  This can affect almost all parts of the body.  Older adulthood can be frustrating when one is in muscle or joint pain and is therefore no longer able to do the same activities that one previously enjoyed.  Reduced precision in vision and hearing can make navigating around the world more difficult.  One of the most common complaints from older adults is a reduced level of energy.  Fortunately, many of these symptoms do not need to be a part of “normal” aging.  Many of these symptoms can be avoided, managed, or treated.

Blood Test for Anti-Aging

Too many older adults do not seek treatment for their medical conditions because they have been told that the symptoms are to be expected in an aging individual.  The conditions may be expected, but that that does not mean that one just needs to accept the impairment.  There are many quick and easy blood tests that are specifically designed for older adults that assess things such as blood sugar, inflammation, and vital organ functioning. You can find more information about these anti-aging tests.

Arthritis Blood Panel

A blood test for arthritis is an example of a test that focuses on determining the cause of a condition that is most often experienced in older adulthood.  There are different types of arthritis and multiple causes for each of those types.  An arthritis blood panel runs multiple blood tests to not only determine if arthritis is present, but also determine what type of arthritis and what primarily causes the test taker’s experience of the condition.  Once a cause is identified, the patient can start a treatment regime for the arthritis in order to lessen the painful symptoms and get back to enjoying being an experienced adult.

What Testing Involves

Getting a blood test is inexpensive and convenient.  One can go about the process in several ways.  One way for an individual to start is by talking to his or her doctor about any health or aging concerns and requesting blood testing to get a fuller picture of one’s needs.  The doctor will then order the labs and should have results within approximately one week of when the blood is drawn.  Another option, if one is reasonably certain about which tests he or she would like to have done, it to go directly through Walk-In Labs.  There is no doctor’s referral or order needed to start testing right away.  The lab will send results directly to the patient within a couple days of the lab test.  No matter how one goes about it though, it is important for people to know that aging is often a very positive experience for people, and that poor health does not always need to be a part of that experience.  Taking the time for a few simple blood tests can make all the difference in one’s ability to fully enjoy one of the best times in one’s life.