Attention Men: Do You Have a Hormone Deficiency?

Seven Major Signs of Hormone Deficiency in Men


As all men age their bodies produce less of the key hormones that are essential to optimal health. Hormone imbalances can cause symptoms to manifest that may be misinterpreted. A blood test that checks for hormone deficiencies is the best way to determine what kind of deficiencies are present to enable a medical professional to recommend treatment options.

While a hormone tests are the most accurate way to determine hormone imbalances, here are seven major signs of hormone deficiency in men. If you would like you can check out our hormone tests for men.

• Extreme Fatigue

A man who is suffering from a testosterone deficiency may experience a marked decrease in energy. Fatigue is often triggered by physical activity, and the level of exhaustion related to testosterone deficiency actually interferes with everyday life.

• Painful Urination

Testosterone deficiencies may lead to prostate problems that include painful urination. Other issues related to the prostate include frequent urination and infections. A hormone deficiency blood test / panel is especially helpful when prostate problems are present because prostate issues can be related to more serious conditions.

• Erectile Dysfunction

Men who are experiencing difficulties in their sex lives may be suffering from a testosterone deficiency. A hormone deficiency blood test / panel could be the key to regaining the ability to achieve and maintain an erection. Lab tests give a picture of the overall health of an individual to assist medical professionals in making a diagnosis.

• Enlarged Prostate

A progesterone deficiency can lead to swelling in the prostate gland. It may be difficult for a man who is dealing with an enlarged prostate to urinate. Difficulty urinating and pain in the prostate are both signs of this deficiency. Blood tests allow men to discover whether they have a deficiency when prostate problems are present.

• Fever and Sweating

Hormone deficiencies can make it difficult for the body to properly regulate temperature. Although hot flashes are typically associated with menopausal women, men who have a testosterone deficiency can also experience these spikes in temperature. Excessive sweating may also occur as the result of a hormone deficiency. Lab tests can pinpoint issues related to temperature regulation to allow a medical professional to prescribe hormone replacements.

• Depression

Men who have unbalanced levels of estrogen in their bodies may experience depression. While estrogen is the hormone that is usually linked to depression, other deficiencies or even dominance can be connected to bouts of depression. A blood test that includes a test of estrogen levels can determine whether mental health issues are related to hormones.

• Cancer

Estrogen deficiencies in men can actually increase the risk of certain types of cancer. Ordering a blood test means accessing early treatment options to reduce this risk. Lab tests could be a life saver when complications of hormone deficiencies are severe.

Consider ordering a hormone deficiency blood test / panel to discover hormone deficiencies. If a lab test reveals low levels of testosterone, estrogen or other hormones, a medical professional can be consulted. A hormone deficiency blood test / panel is the most comprehensive method to determine if you are living in optimal health. Shop our hormone tests at a guaranteed low price today!