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  • Breast Cancer Risk Factors: Am I At Risk?

    The threat of breast cancer is something that every single woman worries about. "Am I at risk of developing breast cancer?" isn't just a question for
  • Could The PSA Test Save Your Life? It Saved Ben Stiller's!

    Ben Stiller is cancer free. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer a couple of years back. He recently wrote about his experience and how one test in p
  • 10 Signs of Liver Damage

    Liver damage is a silent killer. Cirrhosis, liver failure, liver cancer and liver disease kill thousands of Americans every year; but the causes of th
  • Could I Have Diabetes? Top Symptoms Checklist

    You should first know that there are several different types of Diabetes. You can learn more about that in our blog post Do I Have Diabetes? The major
  • Do I Have Diabetes?

    About ⅓ of all people with diabetes do not know they have the disease. Which means that there are millions of people out there suffering from the sy
  • 7 Secrets To Stay Looking Young Without Surgery

    Everyone wants to look young. And some will settle for looking younger, if looking ‘young’ is beyond their reach. These are not controversial stat
  • 10 Celebrities That Look Great At Any Age

    Society is obsessed with youth. We think it's most important to look like the best you you can be. Anti-Aging tests aren't a way to capture the Founta
  • Fitness Secrets of Olympians

    It’s almost that time again Every four years the world goes Olympic crazy and, for a few short weeks, good old fashioned athletics takes center stag
  • Strangest Olympic Health Quiz

    Olympians compete to be put up on a pedestal, but to us, they're all champions just for being asked to compete. But a few of them have overcome more t
  • You Will Never Have Sex Again!

    It’s a terrifying concept, but it’s one that millions of people face every day for a variety of different reasons. Maybe it’s erectile dysfuncti

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