Six exercises that will help beat your depression

Be it controlling weight, reducing the risk of heart diseases, managing blood sugar levels, or improving joint aches and pains; exercise is a one-stop solution.

When it comes to exercise, it does not only help us to be physically fit, but it has numerous benefits to our mental health as well.

Depression, anxiety, memory, mood, and so much more are improved when you start working out. If you were finding reasons for starting a workout routine, you have landed on the right page!

Innumerable research and experiments have been done which has proved that exercise elevates your mood and helps with releasing endorphins and dopamine in your brain, which is your chemical for happiness. However, please don’t stop your medications and start your exercise only, it aids in improving your depressed soul, but it is not a cure. Why not give a little tranquility to your therapist and make a little effort by yourself?

We have compiled these six exercises you can do daily and feel better.

Morning runs or jogs

If it’s morning on your side and you’re in bed, it’s time for you to get up, tie your laces and make your way to the nearby park. The dose of oxygen that your body gets in the morning not only helps with your metabolism but also makes you feel fresh. Isn’t it self-explanatory that a fresh mind will help you think clearly and will ultimately reduce depression and anxiety? Then what is stopping you? You all folks without depression can also adopt some life hacks from here! Better to stay on the safe side, no?

Tips and tricks: one, there is no need to run for hours every day; 20 minutes maximum are more than enough for both; your physiological and psychological health.

Two: make sure you run or jog in the open-air; running on the treadmill will have little or no effect on depression.


It is reported that people who do bodybuilding tend to have higher self-esteem levels. It strengthens your patience as you resist resulting in your depression and anxiety being controlled. Moreover, muscle-building hits directly on the neurotransmitters responsible for causing or preventing a person from feeling anxiety. Why not give it a hard punch this time you go to the gym?

Please take advice from your medical consultant before deciding on muscle building, as you may have other medical concerns with depression as well.

Do take the help of an instructor and take it slow in the beginning. It would be best if you don’t put extra pressure on yourself.


It is a very calm and collected exercise that helps you to focus on your breathing. It also stretches every component of your body, which consequently helps relieve major symptoms of depression that are sleep deprivation, stress, lower energy levels, etc.

Tips and tricks: join a yoga Centre or do it under the supervision of an expert in the beginning so that you know you are doing it right.

Tai chi (shadowboxing)

As a kid, whenever I watched a movie with a Kungfu master performing tai chi, I used to wonder if there are people I can’t see fighting with? Or there’s a glitch? Only if I knew, those were some exceptional moves to live a healthy life.

This type of exercise is most common in China, but do we really need to go to China for it? While writing this, I’m committing myself to serve 10 minutes a day to tai chi due to its numerous benefits. All we need to do is turn up a YouTube video and follow the instructions. It decreases your depression and anxiety and lifts your mood.

Simply be outside

Although, being outside will not be considered an exercise. But while you’re at it, why not play catch with your kids? A dog would do too! Gardening? Very soothing. A little walk under the sun for a bit of vitamin D? Just going out in the sunlight and fresh air will significantly improve your mental health, choose an activity per your preference and stamina and get started with it. Sunlight and fresh air increase your serotonin levels which help in decreasing symptoms of depression.


Not a kid? No trampoline? You still got to jump, dude. Awaken the little kid inside you and produce a little serotonin for yourself. It helps with major depressive disorders, will elevate your mood and a little laugh is always a perfect fit for your mental health. All you need to do is bend your knees a little and let go of all the pressure that is building inside your body and mind. Make it a routine and be regular to see outstanding results!

It is very much understandable that with depression, we find it grueling to get up and do even a minor chore; working out is a whole new story. You should find a convenient exercise which you can perform every day. No one is asking to put pressure on yourself; take it as much as you can and then let go.

Once you get used to it, your day would be incomplete without exercise. A little exertion is good for both your body and mind. However, set small goals that are attainable so that you don’t feel pressured and abandon them in a few days. Don’t you think that would be disappointing?

Put on uplifting or soothing music of your choice and get started with it. Trust me, it helps!


Pro tip: if you don’t feel like doing a typical workout, try dancing with loud music, play tennis or badminton, go for a swim, or go hiking or biking; all the ways to cure your minimal depression or anxiety. However, you should not rely solely on exercise if you have major depression and anxiety, as it is no cure. It only aids in improving your symptoms.

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