Top 10 Things That Kill Women

According to CDC these are the top 10 things that kill Women. Find out more about how you can get lab tested at Walk-in Lab. Note: This a list does not constitute medical advice and is not intended to be and should not be used in place of the advice of your physician.

1. Heart Disease


One in three female deaths are by heart disease. It leads all other ways women die by a long margin! All the other cancers combined don’t even equal heart attacks. And yet, according to multiple studies, only around 20% of women are aware that heart disease is their numero uno health threat, even though 90% of them have one or more of the risk factors. This is why it’s so important to get your heart health checked!

2. Cancer


Taking into consideration what we said above, now realize that cancer accounts for almost a quarter of the deaths among women in the U.S. According to the American Cancer Society, as of 2015, lung cancer has surpassed breast cancer as the leading cause of death among women in developed countries. in 2013, the CDC said breast cancer accounted for around a quarter of cancer deaths, so that should tell you something about this surprising turn of events. Especially if you’re a smoker, get yourself tested for cancer regularly.



COPD is the third leading cause of death in the United States according to the American Lung Association, but rate of death by COPD is higher in women than in men. A couple of reasons for this are that women are more vulnerable to lung damage as their lungs are smaller and estrogen plays a part in worsening lung disease. But on top of that, women are often misdiagnosed because COPD has long been though of as a male disease. If you’re a woman with trouble breathing, take a COPD test.

4. Stroke


1 in 5 women will have a stroke at some point in their life. Each year, 55,000 more women will have a stroke than men. And because women live longer than men on average, the repercussions of that stroke can be much more severe. On top of that, taking birth control, being pregnant and Hormone Replacement Therapy all up the risk of having a stroke, which of course is unique to women.

5. Alzheimer’s Disease


While Alzheimer’s is indiscriminate when it comes to the sexes, women have a 1 in 6 chance of contracting the disease as opposed to men who only have a 1 in 11 chance. As when cross 60, they are twice as likely to have Alzheimer’s than breast cancer. Indeed, of the roughly 5 million people living with the disease, 3.2 of them are women.

6. Accidents


Some things are just out of our control. Over a 100 thousand of us die due to unintentional injury and that’s not even counting people who fall from on high or automobile deaths. Heck, 38 thousand accidentally poison themselves to death. Not a lot we can say about this except be careful out there people!

7. Diabetes


Women have it worse than men when it comes to diabetes. While the male rate of death by diabetes has fallen, women have stayed pretty much on average. Also, the biological differences between the sexes affects their ability to develop diabetes. Women can get gestational diabetes when pregnant. And the disease can cause problems during the that pregnancy and when giving birth. Over 246 million people have diabetes, almost a third of them don’t even know it. Since it’s becoming an epidemic, make sure you know where you stand. Get a Diabetes Test!

8. Influenza & Pneumonia


The primary reason more women die of influenza and pneumonia is because they can get pregnant. in 2015 in California, the mortality rate for severe flu infection in pregnancy was 25%! A lot of use don’t take the flu that seriously. It’s just a cold! But it’s not. And when it gets to pneumonia, it can be very deadly. It’s a shame because of all these deaths, this is one of the most preventable if you just don’t let it linger. See a doctor. At least get tested.

9. Kidney Disorders

Kidney Disease

26 million American adults have kidney disease, most don’t know it. Women actually catch a break against men here as men are more likely to have kidney failure, also they are more likely to have kidney stones. It’s deadly because it often has no symptoms and can go a while undetected until things are problematical. One of the reasons kidney disease doesn’t cause as many deaths is because early detection by blood test is allowing people to get ahead of life threatening disorders. So, get yourself a kidney test checked.

10. Large Breasts

Large Breasts

We’re as surprised as you to find this on the list. Women with large breasts are more likely to die 5 years earlier than their expected lifespan.  Larger breasts have cause all sorts of health problems from back aches to rashes to nerve damage and scoliosis. This is why some women are now opting for breast reduction as Soleil Moon Frye did when she was 16.

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