10 Ways To Avoid That Stress!

Sure, we all stress out from time to time because we are always so busy and on the go! In reality though, some of us don’t realize how bad stress can really tear down your body and make us fall apart. For those of you that don’t know exactly what stress is, let us give you an insight about it and 10 ways that you can fully protect your body!

Generally speaking, stress is the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure placed on them from extraordinary demands, constraints or opportunities.

Personally we are not fans of stress, and you shouldn’t be either.

Here are 10 useful ways that you can fully avoid this action for happening.


1. Music.

This can have a tremendous effect on your disposition, and a few minutes of classical music can help you to calm down. Quiet music can relieve stress, because it can lower the heart level, blood pressure and respiratory rate. So don’t forget your mp3 player at home 😉

2. Take mental vacation.

Set the alarm or the phone for ten minutes, and forget about everything: the subway or the train are good places to do so. Close your eyes and focus on breathing. Imagine yourself in a beach with golden sand, feel the breeze. You have to practise this one regularly, and of course the picture you create in your head depends on what you consider calm and relaxing.

3. Walk.

Sounds simple, and it actually is. Even a ten minute walk – so that you can feel fresh air in your face (the corridor or lobby of the office do not count!) is a proven way to improve your disposition and productivity.

4.  Massage.

Find the center point between your eyebrows. Press with your finger and keep this position for about one minute and then massage in circles: this motion calms the mind, it slows your brain leading to low levels of stress.

5. Tai Chi.

Sit down and breathe with the abdomen. This is an ideal exercise to practice for ten minutes before lunch, because that increases the receipt of oxygen and your lung’s capacity. Relaxing before eating will help your digestion and prevent fatigue.

6. Massage – Part 2

Try rubbing your ear lobes with the index finger and thumb. The lobes are very sensitive so, by massaging them you’re helping your body and mind to relax.

7. Massage – the return xD

Sometimes we are in such a hurry that we literally swallow our lunch. If that’s the case, you can massage the mid-point between the your belly button and the lower end of the ribs – it also stimulates the digestive tract.

8. Gymnastics in front of the computer.

Today many people stay hours in front of a computer, and that’s not exactly healthy. Set an alarm to ring twice a day (this may vary depending on the time you spent in front of your pc). Look beyond the screen. Stretch your legs, move your feet up and down and in circles. Stand up and stretch your body, put your hands in the back, below the waist and tilt it slightly back, breathing deeply – that will help you relieve the tension at the bottom of the spinal column. After that rotate your shoulders forward and back, stretch your arms high and inspire, then lower your arms and let it all out.

9. Books.

Reading books is a simple but effective way to block the reality. Take fifteen minutes to read something carefully, be it a car magazine or a book by Dickens, it will help you focus.

10. Conclusion – Stress Reduction

Understand that, unfortunately, stress can never be totally eliminated from a person’s life, but there’s always a way to reduce its effects, and sometimes the simplest solution is the best.

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