5 Tips For Proactive Health Care

We don’t know everything there is to know about how our bodies work, get sick and heal. One thing that keeps popping up is how a person reacts to being unwell can affect how (or even if) they heal. An optimist is much more likely to fight the system, go above and beyond, to make sure they are doing everything they can to get better. But some people learn to be helpless when it comes to their healthcare, surrendering control to doctors. The truth is YOU are responsible for your health! It’s time for some proactive health care!

We understand that there are limits to managing your own healthcare. You can’t perform surgery. You can’t prescribe your own medication. You did not spend a decade going to various medical schools. But that doesn’t mean you’re completely helpless either. Doctors are not perfect. And when they’re wrong, you’re the one that could suffer. So, here are some tips for you to take control, not to be combative with doctors, but to help them make the right decisions using the information you supply them.

1. Keep Your Own Records

Yes, it’s a pain. And yes, the doctor’s office has all the records. But sometimes things get lost, especially when multiple doctors are in charge of various parts of your healthcare. Ask for your own copies of the doctor’s notes, x-rays, etc.

This is also helpful should you decide to change doctors for whatever reason. You don’t have to go through all the same tests or answer the same questions over again. You can get your chosen doctor up to speed quickly!

2. Talk To Other People In Your Shoes

The beautiful thing about the whole world being online is that there are a lot of ways you can do your own research into an ailment, but you can also get support from people going through the same thing you are. If you want to buy a new TV, you go into chat rooms and ask people questions about why they liked a particular brand. How can you not do the same thing when it comes to something way more important, like your health. Not all the information is gold, but if you get enough of it, you’ll have a better understanding of where you are and what options are open to you!

3. Take Advantage of Technology

There are so many wearable fitness products on the market right now! You can get all sorts of data relating to your health when you’re both awake AND asleep. The latter can be particularly thorny if you’re single! Getting information is good. Exercise is good for you and can help you battle certain illnesses. Sometimes what you need is the proper motivation. The more competitive you are, the more likely a fitness tracker will give you that motivation! Remember, an ounce of prevention can lead to a pound of cure.

4. Eat Better

What you choose to put in your body is completely under your control. Don’t just wait until you feel under the weather to drink orange juice. Not only will a healthy diet keep you from getting sick, but it will help you get better sooner if you are sick. But again, best to have those eating patterns established than trying to chase health when you’re sick!

5. Get Tested

Ever get sick, call the doctor for an appointment only to be told they have an opening next week? Don’t suffer that week. Make use of it. One of the first things that’s going to happen when you show up for that appointment is they are going to draw some blood and perform some tests on it. You now have the ability to do that yourself and bring those results with you when you see the doctor. You have the ability to cut down the window that you are sick because you’re being proactive!

If you’ve learned anything from this article, it should be that YOU are in control. Don’t surrender to the feeling of helplessness. It’s your body, the only one you’re likely to get. Nothing good comes from being passive. Be proactive! Hopefully, these 5 tips for proactive health care will prove useful in your journey to better health.

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