10 Preconditions At Risk For No Coverage

infographic pre-existing conditions

We don’t necessarily know what’s in the new health care bill yet, but the following is a list of diseases that are reported to be considered a pre-existing condition, which means it will no longer be covered, that require multiple blood tests to manage the disease. You’ll need to make other plans to getting your regular blood tests if you have any of these illnesses that are at risk for no coverage.

Kidney Disease: When your kidneys don’t work right, waste products aren’t being removed from the body. You need constant monitoring to make sure that dialysis is working. Walk-in Lab offers a variety of kidney blood tests to monitor their health.

Heart Disease: After heart failure, there’s a strain put on your other organs, so blood tests are needed to make sure they are functioning properly. Looking for value in your heart health tests? Check out all 75 different heart health tests Walk-in Lab offers.

Liver Disease: There are a handful of Liver blood tests needed to make sure the liver is functioning properly. That’s not even counting ones needed after a transplant!

Diabetes: Whether you have Type 1 or Type 2, your body struggles to produce insulin which regulates sugar levels. Periodic checking to make sure treatment is working is necessary. Do you have diabetes? Check out our diabetes blood tests and other discounted blood tests.

Leukemia: As with any autoimmune system disease, it’s critical to make sure the body is safe from infection. It’s even more important to know what your body is doing. The best way to do that is through a Leukemia blood test like the ones offered by Walk-in Lab.

HIV/AIDS: Knowing your viral load is the difference between living and dying. With HIV, it’s important to know whether the disease has progressed to AIDS. Like most blood born diseases, it’s important to know what’s happening inside the bloodstream. Order HIV tests to get tested.

Anemia: Chronic anemia means regular Iron/Anemia testing to make sure your body is producing the necessary amount of red blood cells.

Hepatitis: When getting antiviral therapy, it’s necessary to be tested from time to time to make sure the treatment is working. This is especially crucial for Millennials. Hepatitis C has grown by up to five times among that generation. Check out the variety of Hepatitis tests available here.

Lupus: With Lupus, the immune system is attacking the body instead of invaders. So, it’s important to track the amount of antibodies in your system through Lupus blood tests.

Breast Cancer: Because treatment of breast cancer is over the course of a long time, it’s important to track the progress of the disease and effectiveness of treatment with multiple breast cancer blood tests.

These are just a handful of diseases with preconditions at risk for no coverage. There’s more.