How To Get Back On Track With Wellness

When summer arrives, it’s easy to forget all of the wellness resolutions you made on New Year’s Eve. In the first few weeks of January, meeting your wellness goals was easy. You hit the gym, cut out red meat, cut back on that glass of wine every evening and really committed to your wellness resolution. But, as the weeks and months pass by, it’s easy to forget about that New Year’s wellness resolution completely. And now, with the year half over, it’s time to think about getting back on track with wellness to achieve the goals you set for yourself in January.

It’s easy to feel bad when you realize that you’ve let your wellness targets slip but it’s important to know that wondering about how to get back on track is the first step to getting to where you want to be. The first thing to note before we look at how to get back on track with wellness, is to get an accurate read on what your current health situation is.

Before you can re-start your plan to be healthier, It’s really beneficial to get lab tests done to know your current health status. A lot has changed since the beginning of the year and it’s important to know your current state of wellness before thinking about how you’re going to get back on track.

More and more people are seeing the benefits of regular lab screenings to monitor their health – something athletes have been doing for years. So, the first unofficial tip is get a Wellness Panel done, preferably from us! Once you have a baseline for how you’re doing mid-year, you can begin to get back on track with your wellness goals. It isn’t too late to reach the wellness targets you set yourself in January before the year ends.

Tips For Getting Back On Track With Wellness

Reset Your Enthusiasm

It was easy in January, wasn’t it? Your New Year’s Resolutions were still fresh in your mind and your enthusiasm for reaching your wellness goals was through the roof. Before you do anything else, you’ll have to reset your approach to match the same enthusiasm you had then. Treat every day like it’s an opportunity to truly get back on track with wellness and you’ll soon be in the right state of mind.

Remember Your Goals

After you’ve seen your lab report, you can see how your wellness goals have managed since you left them. Have you lost weight? Gained it? What’s your blood count like? With these answers, you can remember the goals you set for wellness and get back to work on them methodically. Write your goals down, place them in your phone as a daily reminder and hold yourself accountable.

Make It A Team Effort

Reaching your wellness targets alone can be a difficult process and it’s often why people lose the motivation to stay on the course they set for themselves during New Year’s. Studies have shown that people who work out in groups lose weight in staggering percentages – an average of 19% of body weight in some instances. Social support is hugely important in making people stick to their goals and push themselves and others as far as possible.

Reward Yourself

It’s easy to feel down about yourself if you’ve strayed from the path of your wellness resolution, but denying yourself the things you like is a surefire way to veer off the path again, sooner rather than later. There are many studies that have shown that there are positive associations between incentives and dietary behavior change.

Rewarding yourself with the unhealthy foods you crave – in moderation – can be an excellent way to keep yourself on the path to wellness.

These tips are an excellent start to building on your wellness goals and helping you reach your targets before December 31st – when you can make new Wellness Resolutions all over again.

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