Wellness Quiz

There’s a debate over whether annual health exams are necessary, but according to the CDC they most definitely are! If you don’t get that exam, then it’s even more important that you know the state of your health through blood tests. But what should you be checking for? We put together this short video quiz to test your knowledge of the different elements that go into a Wellness Panel.

Wellness Quiz

Let’s start with that New Year’s Resolution.

1. About a third of the resolutions made are health resolutions. What percentage of people feel they successfully achieved that resolution?

Is it a) about 10% b) about 20% c) about 30% or d) about 40%?

The cynics out there would guess A and they would be right! A great majority of us give up well short of our goals and that’s a shame, especially when you take into consideration our next question.

2. What disease is the leading cause of death in the United States?

Is it a) cancer b) heart disease c) liver disease or d) Alzheimer’s Disease?

Once again, according to the CDC, it’s heart disease. So, the right answer is B. What’s so awful about this is that over 200,000 of those deaths due to heart attack are completely preventable. Which leads us into the next question.

3. After a physical exam, what’s the next best way to determine heart disease?

Is it a) an EKG b) chest x-rays c) exercise stress test or d) a blood test?

Considering who’s giving you this quiz, we hope this was an easy one. It’s D, getting a blood test according to the American Heart Association and we’re not going to argue it with them.

Do you have a perfect score still? Let’s ramp up the difficulty level a bit then.

4. What disease is known as “The Silent Epidemic?”

Do you think it’s a) Hepatitis C b) heart disease c) Type 2 diabetes or d) kidney disease?

No, it’s not heart disease again. We told you this was going to be harder. It’s A, Hepatitis C because it often has no symptoms and can go decades without detection. In that time, however, serious liver damage or even liver cancer may occur.

Switching it up a bit.

5. Which is NOT a symptom there’s too much salt in your diet?

Is it a) your brain feels foggy b) constantly drinking water c) getting kidney stones or d) start experiencing arthritis?

As anyone knows, too much salt means dehydration, so it’s not B. It’s actually D, experiencing arthritis. Now, before you go and grab that salt shaker, take into consideration that too much salt in your body means you’re storing more water, which raises your blood pressure, putting a greater strain on your heart, kidneys and brain. That means you are at greater risk for not just heart attacks, but strokes, dementia and kidney disease!

6. What is the leading cause of kidney failure in the United States?

Do you think it’s a) high blood pressure b) diabetes c) urinary tract infections or d) a part of a hereditary defect?

If you guessed A as a result of the last question, you are incorrect. The American Kidney fund finds that B) diabetes is the actual leading cause. This is especially bad news to the people who are a part of the final question of this quiz.

7. In 2014, how many Americans are estimated to have diabetes and not know it?

Is it a) about 4 million b) about 6 million c) about 8 million or d) about 10 million?

A study in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that the answer is C. A little more than 8 million people have diabetes, but are completely unaware. This isn’t because of lack of healthcare. 84.5 percent of people in the study had a health care provider and 66.5 went to the doctor at least twice a year. The researchers found that a major concern was whether diabetes testing would be covered by their insurance. Fortunately, our Baseline Wellness test is extremely affordable!

So, that’s it! How did you do? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook & Twitter pages. Until next time.

*Sources: American Heart Association,  liverfoundation.com, Reader’s Digest, CDC, statisticbrain.com, Annals of Internal Medicine

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