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Customize Your Panel

Walk-In Lab is thrilled to offer Customize Your Panel (CYP) discount pricing. This feature will allow you to receive varying discount percentages according to the number of tests added to your shopping cart. You can create a customized panel that specifically meets your needs with the bonus of receiving a discount. As the number of tests that you order increases so does the discount amount as shown below.

Customize Your Panel - # of individual tests Discount
3-5 10%
6-10 15%
11-15 20%
16 or more 25%


Note: CYP discount pricing excludes Discount Panels and Home Test Kits and cannot be used in conjunction with other special offers or coupon codes.  CYP discount pricing is not available for Health Care Provider orders.

Nothing has to be done on your part, the discount is automatically applied when you add 3 or more tests to your cart. When viewing your cart, the discount will be reflected in the grand total of your order and a total amount of the discount will be shown excluding any discount panels or home test kits that you may want to order. The discount will be applied to individual tests purchased on one order, therefore, the specimen will be collected at one time in one visit to the lab. The order cannot be changed or split in any way once the panel purchase has been completed.

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