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Become a Walk-In Lab Health Care Provider

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Healthcare providers often seek to incorporate blood testing as a fundamental component of their practice. This is where Walk-In Lab comes in as a valuable resource, particularly for medical practices that offer services that are not typically covered by insurance. Additionally, Walk-In Lab can prove beneficial for patients with high deductible health plans or no coverage at all.

As a registered HCP with Walk-In Lab, you have the option to order the appropriate tests for your clients. Upon setting up an HCP account, you can take advantage of additional discounts of up to 20% off our regular prices when placing and paying for the tests. Accredited healthcare professionals can join our Health Care Provider Program by registering or calling 1-800-539-6119 for further details.

Benefits of Being a Registered HCP with Walk-In Lab

  • A 20% discount for placing a minimum of 3 orders per month online for your patients
  • Access to a wide range of lab tests and panels
  • Ability to order lab tests for your patients online
  • Streamlined ordering process and quick turnaround time for test results
  • Secure and HIPPA-compliant platform for managing patient information and test results
  • A dedicated customer support team to assist you with any questions or concers

How to Order as an HCP

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  • Log in to your account
  • Add the desired tests to the cart.
  • Click on Proceed to Checkout
  • Enter all the patient's information for the lab order.
  • Click on My Account on the top right.
  • View your Confidential Lab Record to retrieve the patient's lab order.
  • When results are available, you will receive an email to retrieve the patient's results from your Confidential Lab Record.

We hope that you will find our Provider Program easy to use and enjoy the 20% savings off our already guaranteed lowest website prices. Please Contact Us or call 1-800-539-6119 if you have questions.

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