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Home Test Kits that Require a Blood Draw

  • Home Test Kits are mailed to you at no charge and include a prepaid return envelope.
  • Collection, preparation and mailing instructions are included in the test kit. Be sure to carefully follow the preparation instructions before going to the lab.
  • Bring the complete kit to the lab and promptly mail the kit once the specimen is collected.
  • The lab may not have heard of the kit company or Walk-In Lab so inform them all you need is a blood draw.
  • Draw fees may apply.


Blood Draw Location Options:

OPTION 1: Search to see if there is an Any Lab Test Now location near you.
OPTION 2: Contact your local hospital, clinic or phlebotomy service. If you are unfamiliar with hospitals in your area, you can visit US Hospital Finder.

Note: If you are unable to locate a blood draw center near you, please Contact Us or call 800-539-6119 and we will be glad to assist you in finding a location.

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