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ALCAT Kit Nutritional Consultation

The ALCAT Kit Nutritional Consultation is regularly $299, this program will connect you with an ALCAT nutritional counselor for monthly coaching.

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  • Test Results Review
    Rotation Diet Review
    Symptom Checklist
    Health History
    Food Diary
    Foods to Avoid/Food Substitutions
    Customized Meal Plans - Recipes based upon test results
    Helpful Grocery/Restaurant Tips
    Reactive Food Reintroduction Consultations
  • Free Copy of the Best Selling Book….Your Hidden Food Allergies Are Making You Fat
  • And much more!

Customized Meal Plans - Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner plus 2 snacks each day. Customized for each person based upon their ALCAT Test results. Designed to be healthy, nutritious and easy to prepare.

Nutritional Consultations - Scheduled phone consultations over the course of six months with assigned ALCAT nutritional counselor. Designed to maximize compliance with diet modifications, answer patient questions, motivate and achieve patient goals. Includes access to ALCAT nutritional counselor as needed.

Free Copy of the book - Your Hidden Food Allergies Are Making You Fat by Dr. Rudy Rivera and Roger Davis Deutsch.


We have created this program to assist with compliance and health improvement in conjunction with the ALCAT Test. The program is intended to be an optional add-on to any ALCAT panel which contains 150 foods or more. Our pilot studies show a strong correlation between compliance with the ALCAT Test results and overall health improvement and reduction of chronic disease symptoms.

Please call your ALCAT representative today for additional information at 1.800.872.5228!

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