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Cardio IQ® Advanced Lipid Panel Blood Test

A Cardio IQ® Advanced Lipid Panel Blood Test is useful in providing a more comprehensive assessment of dyslipidemia and cardiovascular risk than standard lipid panel measurements.

Sample Report

Test Code: 92145

Also Known As: CardioIQ®,Advanced Lipid Panel, Cardio IQ®


Enzymatic • Nephelometry • Immunoturbidometric • Ion Mobility • Spectrophotometry (SP)


Fasting for 10-12 hours required.

Test Results:

5-6 days. May take longer based on weather, holiday or lab delays.


An Advanced Lipid Profile Blood Test includes the following:

  • Cardio IQ® Cholesterol 
  • Total; Cardio IQ® HDL Cholesterol 
  • Cardio IQ® Triglycerides 
  • Cardio IQ® Non-HDL and Calculated Components 
  • Cardio IQ® Lipoprotein Fractionation, Ion Mobility 
  • Cardio IQ® Apolipoprotein B
  • Cardio IQ® Lipoprotein (a)

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