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Heparin Anti-Xa Blood Text

The heparin anti-xa blood test is used to confirm that an individual is receiving enough heparin for anticoagulation without causing excessive bleeding.

Sample Report

Test Code: 117101

CPT Code: 85520

Also Known As: Heparin Assay


Specimen Type: Blood

Preparation: No special preparation required.

Test Results: 2-4 days. May take longer based on weather, holiday or lab delays.


Heparin Anti-Xa

Heparin is a medication used to treat people who have developed or have a high risk of developing blood clots. The heparin anti-Xa test is used to measure the amount of heparin in your blood to determine whether it’s effective at preventing blood clot formation. Your healthcare provider may use this test to monitor and adjust your dose of heparin.

Who should get tested?

You should take this test only if you’ve spoken with your healthcare provider and been advised that it is appropriate for use in evaluating your heparin therapy dose.

What will my test results tell me?

Your test results will help your healthcare provider determine if your heparin dose is working or if changes should be made. Be sure to share your results with your healthcare provider so they can help you determine the next steps in your care.

Are there any risks involved in getting this test?

There is no risk involved in getting this test. You will be asked to give a blood sample at the lab.

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