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Human T-Cell Lymphotropic Virus 1 and 2 (HTLV-1/HTLV-2) Antibodies Blood Test, Preliminary With Confirmation

The Human T-Cell Lymphotropic Virus 1 and 2 screen patients for infection with human T-lymphotropic virus and, if positive, confirm infection with either HTLV-1 or HTLV-2.

Test Code: 164277

CPT Code: 86790

Also Known As: HTLV-I/HTLV-II

Methodology: Chemiluminescent immunoassay (CLIA); line blot (immunoblot)

Specimen Type: Blood

Preparation: No special preparation required.

Test Results: 5-6 days. May take longer based on weather, holiday or lab delays.


HTLV-1 or HTLV-2 immunoblot testing should only be performed on patient specimens previously found positive for HTLV infection by immunoassay (EIA).

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