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Methyl Detox Profile, Buccal Swab Add-On Test - ALCAT Test Kit

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The Methyl Detox Profile, Buccal Swab Add-On Test - ALCAT Test Kit is designed to assess an individual's methylation status and detoxification capacity, providing valuable insights into their biochemical processes and potential health risks.


Test Code:




Buccal Swab


No fasting is required. Avoid antibiotics and antihistamines for 5 days, oral steroids for 7 days, and topical steroids for 24 hours prior to collection. Patients should refrain from taking any medications or supplements for 3-4 hours before their collection. Check with your physician before stopping any medications.

Test Results:

7-10 business days once the lab receives the specimen. May take longer based on weather, holiday, or lab delays.

What is the purpose of this test?

This is the buccal swab version of the MethylDetox Profile that can be added to the following ALCAT Test Panel components:

  • Platinum Plus
  • Platinum Comprehensive
  • Comprehensive Wellness #1
  • Comprehensive Wellness #2
  • Comprehensive Wellness #3

This test aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of an individual's ability to process and eliminate toxins. It measures the body's ability to produce and utilize glutathione, an important antioxidant that helps with detoxification, as well as the body's ability to process and eliminate certain toxins, such as heavy metals. This test is particularly helpful for individuals who have been exposed to environmental toxins, or who have a family history of poor detoxification abilities. By identifying any deficiencies, the results of this test can guide the development of personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to optimize detoxification and overall health.


The Methyl Detox Profile, Buccal Swab Add-On Test - ALCAT Test Kit includes the following:

  • AHCY - AHCY stands for Adenosylhomocysteine Hydrolase, an enzyme that helps regulate the levels of a compound called adenosylhomocysteine (SAH) that can interfere with the Methylation Detoxification Cycle. In short, AHCY is an important enzyme that helps to maintain the balance and effectiveness of the Methylation Detoxification Cycle.
  • COMT - COMT stands for Catechol-O-Methyltransferase, which is an enzyme that breaks down catecholamines, such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. It plays a crucial role in the Methylation Detoxification Cycle by helping to regulate the levels of these hormones. In short, COMT is important for the proper functioning of the Methylation Detoxification Cycle.
  • MTHFR - MTHFR stands for methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase, an enzyme that helps convert homocysteine into methionine, an essential amino acid that the body needs for many functions. However, some people have genetic mutations that affect the function of MTHFR, which can lead to problems with the methylation detoxification cycle and increase the risk of certain health conditions.
  • MTR - MTR stands for Methionine Synthase. MTR is responsible for converting homocysteine to methionine, a critical step in the Methylation Detoxification Cycle. It does so by using a cofactor called methylcobalamin, a form of vitamin B12. MTR is also involved in other biochemical processes, such as the production of S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe), which is essential for methylation reactions throughout the body.
  • MTRR - MTRR stands for Methionine Synthase Reductase. MTRR is responsible for recycling methylcobalamin, which is essential for MTR to function correctly. Methylcobalamin is a coenzyme that helps MTR convert homocysteine to methionine. MTRR helps regenerate methylcobalamin by converting inactive cob(II)alamin to active methylcobalamin. This process ensures that MTR can continue to function correctly, and homocysteine can be converted to methionine.


Benefits of the MethylDetox Profile, Buccal Swab Add-On Test - ALCAT Test Kit:

  1. Identification of Methylation Deficiencies: The test can reveal whether an individual has impairments in methylation, a biochemical process involving the addition of a methyl group (CH3) to a molecule. Methylation is crucial for many essential functions in the body, including detoxification, neurotransmitter synthesis, DNA repair, and regulation of gene expression. Identifying deficiencies in methylation can help in understanding underlying health issues.
  2. Insight into Detoxification Capacity: The Methyl Detox Profile provides insight into an individual's capacity to detoxify harmful substances, such as heavy metals, environmental toxins, and certain medications. Understanding one's detoxification abilities can inform lifestyle choices, dietary adjustments, and supplementation strategies to support optimal detoxification processes.
  3. Personalized Treatment Approach: Healthcare providers can develop personalized treatment plans tailored to address specific needs by understanding a person's methylation status and detoxification capacity. This may involve dietary modifications, lifestyle changes, supplementation with vitamins and minerals (such as methylfolate, methylcobalamin, and trimethylglycine), and other interventions to support methylation pathways and enhance detoxification.
  4. Improved Management of Health Conditions: Methylation defects and impaired detoxification processes have been associated with various health conditions, including cardiovascular disease, neurodevelopmental disorders, autoimmune diseases, and certain types of cancer. By addressing underlying methylation issues and supporting detoxification, individuals may experience improvements in symptoms and overall health outcomes.
  5. Preventative Health Measures: Assessing methylation status and detoxification capacity proactively can help individuals identify potential health risks early on and take preventive measures to mitigate them. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals with a family history of methylation-related disorders or those who are at risk due to environmental exposures or lifestyle factors.

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