The Convenience of Home Lab Test Kits

Home lab test kits deliver the perfect combination of affordability, practicality, and convenience

Health care costs are reaching astronomical levels these days. In 1970, the average per capita health care expense was $380. In 2010 that level reached $8,402 dramatically outpacing inflation. Healthcare spending has surpassed the $2.5 trillion mark, a figure that represents nearly 18% of our gross domestic product. There’s no mystery that the costs associated with keeping us healthy and addressing the constant health issues we all face are staggering. But what can the average consumer do these days to minimize the overall expense of staying healthy, while maintaining the highest standards of medical care? One solution, home lab test kits.

Home lab test kits are often designed as blood or urine test kits that screen for a wide variety of health and wellness indicators. The following are some of the key benefits to home lab test kits:

Control over your own health – you’ll have more control over your personal health and wellness versus waiting for a doctor or specialist to order a laboratory screening. Simply order your test online or call to place the order directly, and you’ll receive everything you need to fulfill the medical lab test. You won’t have to wait for a doctor’s order to complete the lab test, which means you can discover the test results you need in no time.

Convenience – Home lab test kits allow you to complete necessary tests when you want to and on your terms. Order what you need, when you can afford to, and schedule the actual testing procedure with a laboratory facility near you.

Ability to “pre-screen” for health issues – While many home lab test kits are designed to screen for specific indicators of certain diseases or illnesses, others can deliver a general health profile that may contribute to better control over your personal wellness. For instance, a complete blood count (CBC) will provide a count of your white and red blood cells, as well as a platelet count. This can uncover issues with anemia or other blood-related deficiencies.

Eliminate lab visits in some cases – Blood-based tests generally require a visit to an affiliated lab to complete the required testing procedures, but tests that simply require saliva, stool, blood, or urine samples can often be done at home. This makes the entire process quick and easy and eliminates inefficient lab visits and inconvenient trips to the doctor’s office. Those who live far away from qualified labs, or those who may be advanced in years could benefit from the ability to test at home and simply mail completed test kits for an in-depth analysis.

Continually monitor your health – Diseases and conditions like diabetes or high-cholesterol require constant monitoring and testing. Home lab test kits enable you to keep track of the important indicators of good health and often eliminate costly and inefficient visits to the doctor’s office or health lab. By accurately gauging your health and wellness statistics, you’ll be able to better manage any existing illnesses or diseases.

Affordability is the key – Home lab test kits are often substantially less expensive than testing done at a traditional health facility. Many of the kits that allow for at-home testing are offered at a fraction of the cost of routine health screens at a doctor’s office or lab. With health care costs at an all-time high in the US, everyone can benefit from the reduced pricing associated with at-home test kits. And, if blood work is required – necessitating an in-person visit to the lab, you’ll have a clear understanding of the total costs involved with the testing prior to stepping foot into the building.

Healthcare costs have risen exponentially over the past few decades. The average life expectancy in the US today is about 82 years. In 1960 that figure was about 76 years. The government estimates that each additional day in life expectancy costs the US economy $1.6-billion! While the advances in healthcare practices and increased focus on research have certainly made a positive impact on the lives of many, there is no denying the extra cost of providing better care to the masses. Home lab test kits are one way of insulating us from the rising costs associated with maintaining the highest standards of health and wellness today.

For more information on a wide range of at-home lab testing kits. You’ll see just how easy it is to order home lab test kits for a variety of health issues. You don’t need a doctor’s order, you’ll enjoy a convenient, online results tracker, and you’ll pay guaranteed low prices. Take the first step in saving time and money with Walk-In Lab.

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