The Significance of Hormone Blood Tests

Hormone testing can uncover a wide range of health issues and can be completed for patients of all ages.

Hormones are biochemicals that act as messengers throughout one’s body. These compounds can coordinate movements between distant bodily organs, trigger hunger pangs or feelings of satisfaction, inhibit or spur growth, and regulate the metabolism. Among numerous other bodily functions, hormones essentially keep the body in check – delicately balancing sleep with wakefulness, growth with bodily rest, feelings of hunger versus satiety, and overall mood. Hormone testing is an important component to overall health and can help identify and uncover significant health and wellness issues that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

There are eight basic hormone testing kits available today:


Available in both saliva and blood-based testing formats, the cortisol hormone is an important factor in stress management – with a lack of cortisol possibly indicating an issue with the adrenal cortex.


These tests determine how much insulin a patient’s pancreas is producing, a substance which helps the body manage blood sugars and metabolize fats and carbohydrates. Insulin tests are available in a wide range of formats – from simple glycohemoglobulin (GhB) tests to more elaborate panels that include progesterone testing and follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone tests.


Blood tests that focus on testosterone levels are truly revealing in terms of the health issues they can uncover. Many patients think that testosterone panels are solely for males – but females can also benefit from conducting these tests. Men can test for dihydrotestosterone – a leading indicator of male pattern baldness and prostate problems. Females often test for cortisol levels, progesterone, and other hormones that can trigger menopause symptoms.


This is a female hormone released by the ovaries during ovulation. The progesterone hormone test is often used by women who are either having trouble getting pregnant or are experiencing difficulties or abnormalities with their menstrual cycle. You will often need to stop taking any medication that contains progesterone or estrogen at least a month before you take the progesterone test.


The thyroid works to balance your body’s metabolism and control the distribution and levels of calcium in your system. Hypo and hyperthyroidism are two conditions that can significantly affect a patient’s ability to lose weight, regulate their body temperature, maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails, and a host of other unpleasant side effects. Available thyroid tests include basic calcium-to-creatine tests, Free T3 and Free T4 Blood Test – all the way up to comprehensive tests that include a full CBC, glucose test, and other vital screens.


Estrogen tests for women are available in a variety of configurations. Some panels are available for men that help deliver a serious dose of anti-aging insight. Each test helps uncover basic estrogen levels, as well as estradiol, estrone serums, and other vital indicators. Women who are suffering from menopausal symptoms, a lack of libido, or those who are struggling with infertility issues are encouraged to complete a blood test for estrogen levels.

Saliva Tests

These panels not only deliver a comprehensive profile of your hormone levels but they’re also easily managed from the comfort of your own home! Saliva hormone tests don’t require a visit to the local lab – they can completed at home, mailed in to a laboratory, and results will be posted online in a secure, easy to read format.

Discounted Panels

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is the right philosophy when considering hormone tests. If the costs of more comprehensive lab panels has you second guessing your ability to accurately gauge your hormonal imbalances, consider a discounted panel as an alternative. You’ll find a wide range of available tests – all priced to fit your specific budget. See the cost of a testosterone test.

Hormone testing is an important consideration to make when you’re faced with changes in mood, libido, body weight, attitude, and energy. Those who have completed basic blood hormone tests often find that the underlying cause of their condition is easily managed and can be controlled through hormone therapy. It pays to test early and ensure that any hormone imbalances you may have are managed through appropriate medical care and timely testing throughout your treatment cycle. Learn more about hormone tests and the range of options available today. Check out hormone tests for men and hormone tests for women.