Strangest Olympic Health Quiz

Olympians compete to be put up on a pedestal, but to us, they’re all champions just for being asked to compete. But a few of them have overcome more than just your typical obstacles in their journey to Olympic Gold. They’re not just competing against others. They have to compete against their own body too! We came up with the Strangest Olympic Health Quiz to demonstrate how impressed we are with what they can accomplish when they put their minds towards something.

We all have a desire to be something better, which is why we watch these special people compete. Just because you aren’t one of them doesn’t mean that your own personal health and fitness goals aren’t as worthy! The first step to self improvement through fitness is to know where you are on the health scale. That’s why we created the Olympic Panels Bronze – Silver – Gold.

You need a solid foundation from which to build a quality health regimen that will help you achieve the sort of body you want. That foundation comes from knowledge. Any personal trainer worth his/her salt will want to know the information that you will get from the Olympic Panels prior to designing any workout routine for you. That’s because if you don’t know, then you can do more damage than good!

Take the quiz below and then let us know how well you did on our Facebook page!