What You Can Eat To Beat Cancer!

Since we are offering 40% on some of our cancer detection panels this month, we are going to provide you with healthy ways that you can “eat to defeat” that cancer bug!

Anyone wanting to ward off cancer should eat plenty of garlic and tapioca pudding.These are just the latest two foods to be hailed as potentially safeguarding against cancer.

Your diet has the most impact on the development of cancer, and has also been shown to influence other types of cancers, including lung, breast and head cancer.

Other foods that we also suggest to help you beat that cancer bug:

+ Grain

+ Fish

+ Meat

+ Brazil nuts – because they contain the trace element selenium.

+ Fruit and salad

+ Citrus Fruits

For salads, turn to cherry tomatoes, red onions and red-coloured Lollo Rosso lettuce because they are rich in particles known as flavanols.

Some red wines are set to protect against cancer also! Certain red wines – such as Cabernet and Merlot – are also high in flavanols and another substance called resveratrol, although if bladder cancer is a fear, water is best to drink.

An after dinner cup of green tea could also be helpful.

Off the menu are red meat, processed meat, excessive alcohol and, according to one study, sweeteners.

But while studies indicating that eating more of one type of food can beat cancer is guaranteed to catch the headlines, there is often very little to back them up.


Red meat is among the items to be avoided.

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