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Heavy Metals Profile II Blood Test

A Heavy Metals Profile II Blood Test monitors exposure to arsenic, lead, mercury, and cadmium.

Test Code: 706200

CPT Code: 82175,82300,83655,83825

Also Known As:


Inductively-coupled plasma/mass spectrometry (ICP/MS)

Specimen Type: Blood


Patient should avoid seafood and red wine 72 hours prior to collection.

Test Results:

5-6 days. May take longer based on weather, holiday or lab delays.


Heavy metals can enter your system in several ways.  One might breathe them in, ingest, or they can be absorbed through the skin.  An excess amount of these metals in the blood could lead to health problems such as:

  • vision problems
  • fatigue
  • gastrointestinal discomfort
  • muscle pain
  • headaches

This test checks for exposure of arsenic, lead, mercury, and cadmium in the blood. 


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