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NT-pro BNP Blood Test

NT-pro BNP Blood Test is used to support a diagnosis of congestive heart failure (CHF).

Sample Report

Test Code: 143000

Also Known As: proBNP, Propeptide of Brain Natriuretic Peptide

Methodology: Electrochemiluminescence immunoassay (ECLIA)

Preparation: No fasting required. Stop biotin consumption at least 72 hours prior to the collection.

Test Results: 3-5 days. May take longer based on weather, holiday or lab delays.


The NT-proBNP may be used to help diagnose heart failure and to grade the severity of that heart failure. There are various causes of heart failure. Currently, the condition is diagnosed by the presence of symptoms such as swelling in the legs (edema), difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, and fatigue, in addition to chest X-rays and an ultrasound test called echocardiography. However, heart failure is still often confused with other conditions. BNP and NT-proBNP levels can help doctors differentiate between heart failure and other problems, such as lung disease. An accurate diagnosis is important because heart failure can be successfully managed with various medical treatments.

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