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Anti-Jo-1 Blood Test

An Anti-Jo-1 Blood Test is used to detect the presence of Anti-Jo-1 Antibodies.

Sample Report

Test Code: 161455

Also Known As: Polymyositis, t-RNA Synthetase

Methodology: Multiplex flow immunoassay

Preparation: No special preparation required.

Test Results: 1-2 days. May take longer based on weather, holiday or lab delays.


Walk-In Lab's Anti-Jo-1 blood test helps detect Anti-Jo-1 antibodies, which if present, can help diagnose polymyositis syndromes, myositis and interstitial lung disease. For those patients without a doctor or without insurance, the Anti-Jo-1 blood test is a cheap and confidential alternative that can be ordered online.

Results for this blood test are delivered in one to two days and no fasting is required. The Anti-Jo-1 blood test is also known as Polymyositis or t-RNA Synthetase.

The Anti-Jo-1 antibodies blood test includes a semiquantitative result of IgG class antibodies. Anti-Jo-1 antibodies are found in approximately 20 to 30 percent of patients with adult-onset polymyositis syndromes and are present in less than 65 percent of patients with both interstitial lung disease and myositis. The presence of Anti-Jo-1 antibodies in patients with myositis and interstitial lung disease may be predictive of a response to steroid treatment. Testing for ANAs is not adequate for the detection of Anti-Jo-1 antibodies.

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