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Celiac Disease Profile Blood Test

A Celiac Disease Profile Blood Test aids in the diagnosis of gluten-sensitive enteropathies, a disease of the intestinal tract.
Sample Report

Test Code: 165142

Also Known As: Endomysial Antibodies; Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) Antibodies

Methodology: Enzyme immunoassay (EIA); indirect immunofluorescence

Preparation: No special preparation required.

Test Results: 3-4 days. May take longer based on weather, holiday or lab delays.


 Test Includes:    

Endomysial antibody IgA; tissue transglutaminase, IgA; total IgA





  • Endomysial Antibodies
  • Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) Antibodies
  • Total IgA

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