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Porphobilinogen, Quantitative, Random Urine

A Porphobilinogen, Quantitative, Random Urine is useful in diagnosing the genetic disease porphyria.

Sample Report

Test Code: 6329

Also Known As: PBG, Quantitative

Methodology: Colorimetric (C)

Preparation: No special preparation required.

Test Results: 2-4 Days. May take longer based on weather, holiday or lab delays.


Porphyrias are a collection of an unusual inherited blood disease in which a person does not make heme.  Heme is a factor in hemoglobin and is made of porphyrin; it also assists in making red blood cells.  Porphyria is divided into two categories, hepatic and erythropoietic. 

Hepatic is problematic for the liver and generally produces abdominal pain and complications with the central nervous system. 

Symptoms generally associated with the hepatic form:

  • limb pain
  • neuropathy
  • hypertension
  • fast heartbeat, known as tachycardia
  • electrolyte imbalance

Erythropoietic are created by problems in  RBCs.  

Symptoms generally associated with Erythropoietic:

  • skin sensitivity to light
  • anemia
  • changes in skin pigmentation
  • erratic behavior as related to sun exposure


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