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Syphilis (RPR)

Syphilis is an STD that is caused by bacterial infection of the genitals, rectal area, or mouth. This disease can be difficult to diagnosis since someone can have it without showing symptoms for years. Syphilis is easy to cure with antibiotics when it is caught early. Common testing for diagnosis includes the RPR (Rapid Plasma Reagin) Syphilis Blood Test, Qualitative, the RPR (Rapid Plasma Reagin) Syphilis Blood Test, Quantitative, and the Treponema pallidum Antibodies (FTA-ABS) Serum Test. Thank you for browsing our selection of Syphilis (RPR) blood tests and panels. Shop additional STD Tests confidentially and order online without insurance or a doctor's note. Shop additional STD tests.

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RPR (Rapid Plasma Reagin) Syphilis Blood Test, Quali...

RPR Test (Rapid Plasma Reagin) looks for Treponema pallidum, the bacterium that causes Syphilis in your blood.

Anticardiolipin Antibodies (ACA) Blood Test, Quantit...

The Anticardiolipin Antibodies (ACA) Blood Test, Quantitative, IgG, and IgM detects and measures anticardiolipin antibodies to screen for antiphospholipid syndrome (APS).

Treponema pallidum Antibodies (FTA-ABS) Serum Test

The FTA-ABS Serum Test is used to confirm Syphilis.

RPR (Rapid Plasma Reagin) Syphilis Blood Test

The RPR (Rapid Plasma Reagin) Syphilis Blood Test detects antibodies produced in response to Treponema pallidum, making it an easy way to screen for syphilis.

Treponema Pallidum (Syphilis) Screening Cascade Bloo...

The Treponema Pallidum (Syphilis) Screening Cascade test screens for and diagnoses syphilis.

Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR) Test With Reflex

The Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR) Test with Reflex screens for and diagnoses syphilis. Please note that this test for syphilis may miss early and late cases of syphilis. Always consult a healthcare provider if you have symptoms or are concerned about an exposure.

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