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Hepatic Function

Order a hepatic function panel and browse wide range of blood tests from Walk-In Lab that can be completed with confidentiality, affordability, and convenience in mind. You’ll be able to access the medical testing kits you need, at prices that are often far lower than what you may find through traditional healthcare networks. When time is of the essence and costs must be considered, choose Walk-in Lab every time! And now, our hepatic function panels are available, and they’re able to test for a host of liver functionality concerns, including: • Amino acid levels: Appropriate levels of amino acids in the blood will allow the body to regulate nearly every function and process within the body. These acids are the building blocks of proteins, and they aid in the building and maintenance of bones, tendons, skin, ligaments, and more. • Total protein: This test detects the protein levels in the blood and measures both major groups of blood proteins – albumin and globulin. Albumin is created in the liver and helps carry medicinal substances throughout the body. It can also help to repair and grow new tissue. Globulin is comprised of three proteins – alpha, beta, and gamma, and is helpful in fighting infections. Abnormal globulin levels can also indicate the presence of blood diseases. • Bilirubin tests: The presence of bilirubin in the blood can indicate whether the liver is functioning appropriately. High levels of bilirubin can indicate blood disorders, jaundice, or blockage of the bile ducts. This is an especially important test for newborns, as the presence of high levels of bilirubin can inflict serious injury – including brain damage. • Creatine serum levels: This important test detects the level of creatine in the blood. Creatine is a substance that is made primarily in the liver, then transported to the muscles where it acts as an energy source for muscle movement. Many individuals take creatine as a supplement, so it is important to tell your doctor if you are taking it – prior to the test. Before taking any hepatic function panel or liver blood tests, ensure that you follow the pre-testing requirements and act in accordance with doctor’s orders. These tests are remarkably accurate, but they may require the patient to abstain from food or alcohol prior to testing to ensure exact results. As always, you can expect incredibly low prices, a convenient and low-stress testing process, and remarkably quick turnaround times. Instead of paying exorbitant amounts for your hepatic blood testing, simply choose the test that will help your doctor make an accurate assessment of your current health condition – select a test through Walk-in Lab. A hepatic function panel can help you assess your present state of health, and liver concerns are often quite manageable when they are caught early on. Don’t let your health issue spiral out of control due to the high cost of testing. With a comprehensive suite of available tests at today’s lowest prices, you simply can’t go wrong. Thank you for browsing our selection of Hepatic Function blood tests and panels. Shop additional Liver Tests confidentially and order online without insurance or a doctor's note.

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The Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP-14) with EGFR Blood Test is commonly used to evaluate nutrient levels, liver, and kidney function. 

Hepatic Function (Liver) Panel Blood Test

The Hepatic Function Panel Blood Test helps assess the overall health of the liver by measuring the different enzymes, proteins, and other substances made by the liver.

Liver Profile #1 Baseline Blood Test Panel

The Liver Profile #1 Baseline Blood Test Panel helps evaluate the liver's overall health and identify potential liver damage or disease.

Bilirubin Total and Direct Blood Test

The Bilirubin Total & Direct Blood Test measures bilirubin levels in the blood to diagnose or monitor liver or red blood cell disorders.

Mitochondrial (M2) Antibody Blood Test

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Prealbumin Blood Test

The Prealbumin Blood Test measures prealbumin levels in the blood to diagnose and monitor problems with nutritional health.

Bilirubin Direct Blood Test

The Bilirubin Direct Blood Test measures direct bilirubin levels in the blood to diagnose or monitor liver or red blood cell disorders.

Creatine Serum Test

The Creatine Serum Test measures creatine levels in a blood sample and helps screen for a deficiency or toxicity.

Indican Urine Test

The Indican Urine test measures the indican levels in urine samples to help screen for potential digestive disorders.

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