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Drug and Alcohol Tests

Thank you for shopping our drug and alcohol blood and urine tests. A drug and alcohol screening may be necessary for pre-employment or a variety of other reasons. Don't be surprised by the results. Get yourself or a loved one tested today. Our convenient substance screening services offer fast, accurate and confidential results. Choose between a wide variety of blood and urine tests that detect alcohol, tobacco, and illegal substances such as cannabinoids and opiates in the body. For an overall assessment, choose one of our drug monitoring panels and save!

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Valproic Acid Blood Test, Free

The Valproic Acid Blood Test, Free is useful in monitoring the concentration of valproic acid in your blood and to maintain a therapeutic level. 

Theophylline Blood Test

The Theophylline Blood Test is used to check the levels of theophylline in the blood, which helps to ensure that the treatment with theophylline is safe and effective.

Tramadol, Screen Only, Urine Test

The tramadol urine test is used to detect the presence of tramadol. It is useful for monitoring compliance of utilization and also the detection of the illicit use of the drug.

Benzodiazepine and Metabolite Confirmation Blood Tes...

The Benzodiazepine and Metabolite Confirmation (LabCorp MedWatch®) screens for and monitors the usage of benzodiazepines and metabolites through a urine sample.

Tramadol Serum Blood Test

Tramadol testing is used to confirm or identify suspected drug toxicity of Tramadol which is used for relief of moderate to moderately-severe pain.

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