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Cancer accounts for about one in every four deaths in the US. Nearly 1.7 million new diagnoses are recorded each year and about 580,000 deaths result from this debilitating disease. Many doctors and healthcare professionals agree that early detection is the key to increasing your survival rate. With cancer screening blood tests from Walk-in Lab available at truly affordable prices, there is simply no reason to put off this test any longer. Choose from several kits that will screen for the most common indicators of cancer. Men may want to consider the prostate cancer specific tests as this form of cancer is considered quite common. Whether your insurance doesn’t offer competitive pricing on these cancer tests or you simply want to make sure you’re checking yourself as early as possible, we’ll make the entire process convenient and affordable.

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Walk-In Lab is proud to contract with LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics with a combined 3,700 lab locations nationwide. Pricing may vary between laboratories so switch between labs to compare pricing, test details and availability. If you prefer specialty kit testing, select Home Test Kits and the testing kit will be mailed to you for specimen collection.
LabCorp: Online lab testing is prohibited in MA, MD, NY, NJ and RI.
Quest Diagnostics: Online lab testing is prohibited in NY, NJ and RI.

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  1. Cancer Screening Panel, Women

    Comprehensive screen for 5 cancer markers including Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA), Cancer Antigen 19-9, Cancer Antigen 125, Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) and Cancer Antigen 15-3 (CA 15-3).

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