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Walk-In Lab is proud to contract with LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics with a combined 3,700 lab locations nationwide. Pricing may vary between laboratories so switch between labs to compare pricing, test details and availability. If you prefer specialty kit testing, select Home Test Kits and the testing kit will be mailed to you for specimen collection.
LabCorp: Online lab testing is prohibited in MA, MD, NY, NJ and RI.
Quest Diagnostics: Online lab testing is prohibited in NY, NJ and RI.

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  1. White Blood Cells (WBC) Stool Test

    A WBC test or fecal leukocytes stain is ordered to assist in differential diagnosis of diarrheal disease and looks for white blood cells in stool.

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  2. Stool Culture Test

    Detects bacterial pathogenic organisms in the stool; diagnoses typhoid fever, enteric fever, bacillary dysentery, Salmonella infection.

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  3. Trypsin Serum Test

    Used to screen for pancreatic insufficiency.

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  4. Helicobacter pylori ( H. Pylori) Antigen Stool Test

    Establishes the presence and possible etiologic role of Helicobacter pylori in cases of chronic gastric ulcer, gastritis, duodenal ulcer, dyspepsia, etc.

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  5. Ova and Parasites Examination Stool Test

    Establish the diagnosis of parasitic infestation. Concentration of material and examination of specimen for ova and parasites by conventional iodine/saline and trichrome staining. This will not detect Cryptosporidium, Cyclospora cayetanensis, or Microsporidium.

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  6. Occult Blood, Fecal, Immunoassay Test

    Qualitative detection of fecal occult blood.

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