Calcium (Osteoporosis)

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  1. Vitamin K1 Blood Test

    Measures Vitamin K1, the natural form of vitamin K, levels in the blood.

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  2. Bone-specific Alkaline Phosphatase (BAP) Blood Test

    Diagnosis and assessment of severity of metabolic bone disease including Paget disease, osteomalacia, and other states of high...

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  3. Calcium Serum Test

    Work-up for coma, pancreatitis and other gastrointestinal problems, nephrolithiasis, polydipsia, polyuria, azotemia, multiple endocrine...

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  4. Calcium Ionized Serum Test

    Evaluate non-bound calcium, calcium metabolism, physiologically active calcium fraction, hyperparathyroidism, ectopic hyperpar...

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  5. Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) Intact Blood Test

    Diagnoses parathyroid disease and other diseases of calcium homeostasis; monitoring patients undergoing renal dialysis.

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  6. Calcium Urine Test, 24-Hour

    Test that checks the amount of calcium that is passed from the body in 24 hours.

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  7. Phosphorus Serum Test

    Phosphorus testing may be performed to measure high or low levels of phosphorus to determine a variety of differential diagnoses...

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