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Infectious diseases can be transmitted in a number of ways. If you've been exposed, you want to know quickly, as diagnosis and treatment can help prevent further transmission. Symptoms can indicate a disease, but lab tests for infection are the only way to confirm a diagnosis. A cheap and convenient infectious disease blood test can diagnose Influenza, Lyme Disease, Epstein-Barr and other diseases and infections. Order online today for fast, dependable results.

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  1. Hepatitis A Antibody Blood Test, Total

    Measures both IgG and IgM forms of the antibody.

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  2. Human Herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) Antibodies Blood Test, IgG

    Aid in the diagnosis of past infection/exposure to roseola infantum; may be useful in diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome.

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  3. Hepatitis A Antibody Blood Test, IgM

    Differential diagnosis of hepatitis; the presence of IgM antibody to hepatitis A virus is good evidence for acute hepatitis A.

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  4. Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 (HIV-1) Blood Test, Qualitative, RNA

    The HIV-1 RNA test is a blood test that is considered an early detection test for HIV-1.

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  5. Hepatitis Be Antibody Blood Test

    Differential diagnosis, staging, and prognosis of hepatitis B infection.

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  6. Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 and 2 (HIV-1/2) Preliminary Blood Test (4th generation)

    Enzyme immunoassay (EIA) for antigen/antibody screen for HIV-1/O/2 with reflex to supplementary differentiation assay for HIV-1...

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  7. Hepatitis Blood Test Panel, Acute

    Hepatitis A antibody, IgM, hepatitis B core antibody, IgM, hepatitis B surface antigen, and  hepatitis C antibody.

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  8. HIV-2 (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) Antibodies Blood Test, EIA

    Differential diagnosis of HIV-1 and HIV-2 infections.

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  9. Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) Antibodies Blood Test, IgA

    Diagnose H pylori infection in patients with duodenal disease and for monitoring the eradication of H pylori following antimicrobial...

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  10. Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Blood Test

    Earliest indicator of the presence of acute infection.

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  11. RPR (Rapid Plasma Reagin) Syphilis Blood Test, Qualitative

    RPR Test (Rapid Plasma Reagin) tests for Treponema pallidum, the bacterium that causes syphilis.

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  12. Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) Types 1 and 2 Specific Antibodies Blood Test, IgG

    Detection of antibodies specific to herpes type 1 and 2.

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  13. Immunoglobulin G Blood Test, Quantitative

    Quantitation of IgG.

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  14. Cold Agglutinin Titer Blood Test, Quantitative

    This test is used to support the diagnosis of primary atypical pneumonia, infection with Mycoplasma pneumoniae, and hemolytic anemia,...

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  15. New

    CD4:CD8 Ratio Blood Test Profile

    Percentage CD4+; absolute CD4+; percentage CD8+; absolute CD8+; CD4:CD8 ratio; CBC with differential.

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  16. Immunoglobulin G Blood Test, Subclasses 1-4

    Our Immunoglobulin G immunology test is used to study patients with recurrent bacterial infections or allergy.

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  17. Liver-Kidney Microsomal (LKM) Antibodies Serum Test

    The detection of LKM-1 antibodies is an aid in the diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis, type 2 (AIH-2).

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  18. HNK1 (CD57) Profile Blood Test

    Monitor the CD57 lymphocyte subset in patients with chronic Lyme disease.

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  19. Immunoglobulins Blood Test, Quantitative, IgA, IgG and IgM

    Detecting or monitoring of monoclonal gammopathies and immune deficiencies.

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